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Makeover Time at the Lakme Absolute Salon - #HairIsFashion + Show Stopping Contest

What is life if you don't experiment? I am not one of those who can do the same things day in and day out. I constantly need change atleast as far as my hair is concerned. Just like I shop for new clothes, I go in for a new haircolour every few months(have been colouring my hair since I was 16) and a haircut too once in a while. However due to my pregnancy and then getting busy with baby, these things went out of the window for a while and my hair grew really long and all the existing colour was washed out. As soon as I got the time, I went and got myself a new hair colour in December. However, because of two weddings in the family I didn't go for a new haircut as I needed the long hair for the hairstyles I was planning, but as soon as I got back, you have to see what I did! It's all documented for you - a stunning makeover that included a cut and colour, at the Lakme Absolute Salon in Bandra!

The makeover consisted of selecting a look from Lakme's 'The Show Stopping Hair Collection' - which the expert - Meenakshi would replicate on me. I chose 'The Helix Flair'. In my case, the makeover was broken into 2 visits, one for the haircut as I already had fresh colour in my hair and then about 40 days later a second visit for my hair colour. So let's begin the unveiling of the process and my look :-)

Can you see how short I went?? Well that wasn't what I had planned. Initially I had decided to just go for a trim and layer the haircut but Meenakshi kept trying to convince me to go shorter which I agreed to but on the condition that she wouldn't show me how much she was chopping off. The final result you can see was a nice structured cut which gave me volume but yet was low maintainence. It was much much shorter than I thought she was going to go but nevertheless I loved the haircut! Reminded me of my earlier days where I would not think twice before chopping my hair off while my mom scowled. After all it's hair, it's all going to grow back ;-) The cut brought out my existing colour so beautifully which you can see below.

This haircut over time I have realized is so much more easier to handle with a baby and shorter than what Aryaa can easily tug on. Also the post pregnancy hair loss is minimal as shorter hair can do much better with the same amount of nutrition.

My earlier overall highlights were an alternate application of two shades - gold with copper tints and dark blonde. Meenakshi along with another expert Meena used 3 colours to give me my new look. She used the Igora Royal range for the highlights from Schwarzkopf. The application consisted of one section of copper (L-77) and then 2 sections of copper + gold blonde (L-57) for the auburn effect. For the crown and in between the highlights, she used the Igora range from Schwarzkopf. She used a Dark Brown shade(5.0) which is similar to my original hair colour and is normally used for global colouring. I loved loved the result!

Looks amazing isn't it! :) They've given me highlights under and over as you can see above. The result is a real close match to the image in the catalogue other than the fact that I chose not to go for the purple as it is a high maintenance colour.

This entire process costs:

  • Hair Cut - INR 900 + Taxes
  • Hair Colour - INR 6,000 + Taxes (Depends on hair length)
I know I am going back soon to the Lakme Absolute Salon for my hair requirements and I would recommend you guys to give it a try too. I am sure you will be as happy as I am!

Finally, we come to the most exciting part of this post for you guys! Courtesy Lakme Absolute Salon, one of you lucky girls gets to win a 'Show Stopping Hair Collection #HairIsFashion experience'! All you have to do is answer this simple question in the comments box below:

"Why do you think #HairIsFashion?"

Rules for the contest are:
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  4. Contest is open to residents of CHENNAI, HYDERABAD, PUNE, DELHI, MUMBAI, BANGALORE and KOLKATA only
  5. Contest ends on 28th February 2015

Looking forward to all the lovely entries! Keep them coming!

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  1. Its so cool coloring and your Hair designing.. Its really nice Look Ritcha.. :)

  2. lovely makeover. :)
    I think #HairIsFashion because I feel its hair which can make or break a girl's entire look. nothing can make a girl more beautiful than her gorgeous tresses. also I believe in the quote-" Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self love" Even a girl who doesnt use makeup alot can look beautiful just by styling her hair in a great way. and we can experiment so much with our hair. cut them short, maintain them long, colour them, style them and so much more. and we all know how much a good hair day makes us happy. :D so yes I think #HairIsFashion. :)
    would so love to win it. :)

  3. Oh my gosh..m keeping my fingers crossed.
    I am following you on GFC and twitter, FB liked, Youtube subscribed.


    1. Oops missed the u go..!

      Hair is your crowning glory,
      Hair initiates a beautiful love story.
      Hair gives you personality,
      Hair gives you individuality.
      Healthy hair should be your passion,
      Because #HairisFashion

      And in the words of Coco Chanel - A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.
      And I can't wait to change mine. :)

      Also 28 feb happens to be my bday... ;) so super excited.

  4. Hair is definitely fashion ...stands true for today,tom and forever.Just like fashion changes or repeats itself so do our expression of our personal style through our hairstyle.We moved from the high puffs and front bangs from yester years to back to it again in today's time.We girls love to style our hair like we style our attire.At times a good hair cut can make a larger fashion statement than our shoes or clothes.Hair is so definitely Fashion for me!!!!

  5. Hey Ritcha, it's awesome to see you blog on a more frequent basis again!! Missed having read your blog posts( I guess your little one has been keeping you super busy!!) Loving your hair makeover!
    I think #HairIsFashion as just a simple change in hairstyle or hair color can drastically change the way a person looks! I used to have a simple shaped cut which never looked very alluring but was a safe option during my school days. Then one fine day, the parlour woman suggested that I go for a newer style. On an impulse, I went through with it and till date I think it was one of the best (fashion) decision I ever made! It made me look like a hundred times better and prettier than my previous hairdo. This made my confidence soar which helped me a lot all though the rest of my school life! And this was years before hair coloring and streaks came to the picture! Now that I am to embark on a new journey (going to start working soon) I again need a good confidence boost to cope up with changes in my life and a hair styling session would do just that!!
    Completed all the steps for the giveaway!!!
    Fingers crossed!
    Saachi Garg.

  6. Here you go hair
    Its the time for a repair
    Lets do some cutting
    A little bit of coloring
    Let me become smarter
    With a scintillating lakme hair makover...

    "A haircut can make me luk sophisticated at the same time spunky"... Its my time to go for it ..

    Have completed all the steps for tge give away...waiting eagerly for the results...


    Ekta Kapoor

  7. "The color makes me feel sophisticated yet spunky"

    Here you go hair...
    It is time for some repair. .
    lets do some cuttings
    lets do some coloring
    Becoming more smarter
    With a scintillating lakme hair makover..

    Waiting eagerly for the results. ..
    Finished all the steps for the giveaway..


    Ekta Kapoor

  8. You look amazing with that makeover.!!
    To me #HairIsFashion because a hairstyle can do a lot to enhance your looks.No matter how stylish your outfit or makeup maybe ,the perfect look wouldn't be complete without an awesome hairstyle.Hair is something that you can experiment with along with the changing trends.Hair is one of the best assets that a girl can flaunt and step up her fashion game. We can express our style and personality through our hair and that's what makes us confidently stand apart .
    Thanx for the chance.! followed all steps.

  9. I have already complimented you a few times on your new hairstyle.Your pictures prove it more than anything that #HairIsFashion, the new hairstyle has added a spunk to your entire look. I think if someone dresses up in a simple tee and jeans but adds colour to their hair or makes a beautiful hairdo ,they look fashionable.Visa Versa,even the best dressed person with ungroomed hair looks messy.Hair length and style can make you look younger or more mature and sometimes even thinner :)!So,I guess hands down the #HairIsMoreFashion than clothes .

  10. An avid follower of your blog since you initially started it, This new hairstyle definitely suits you a lot. Completely in love with it. According to me, #HairIsFashion because, Hair is something which defines your look, When you first meet a person, the first thing you see is their hair. And hair makes your face look good or bad, fresh or dull. As it is rightly said, "Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be. Regards, Srishti Srivastava


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