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Fabulous Valentine gifts within your budget

The word Valentine sends most people I know, the minute I utter the word, into a dream world of hearts and candy floss and balloons. But instantly most of them are also yanked back into the normal world we live in, on the realization that they don't have that special someone! Trust me, I can hear that shattering sound of their delicate hearts! Poor souls! I'm not calling them that coz I have that special someone, I'm saying it coz they live with such a narrow mind. For me Valentine's Day has never been about just that special someone, for me it has been about all the people that I love in my life and how each one is my Valentine :) And how that means more gifts ;-)

So all those of you who have plans to give me something on Valentine ( yes to the shameless me since I am openly asking for it;-) ), I am going to let you in on my wishlist! It's not clothes or beauty products since I have enough of those, but some other really cool stuff that I have my eyes on. Trust me it is the most pocket friendly list you must have seen for the most stunning gifts ever as everything is between INR 500 and INR 2,000! Those of you also looking to make their partners happy on a budget, you have laid your hands on one of the best wishlists and a thank you to me is in order :-)

1. Cool Dad and Hot Mom Pillow Talk Double Bedsheet Set from Stoa Paris
I'm currently obsessed with all things related to parenthood thanks to the arrival of my lil baby a few months ago. This besdsheet set with cute pillow covers depicting exactly my state of mind at the moment is the perfect thing to sleep on at the end of the day. They have a lot more cute combinations that can resonate with your current frame of mind and this is a gift for yourself too. Girls especially, this is the perfect gift for your lil one's hot daddy ;-)

2. Happiness Mugs from Oasis Ceramics
The smallest of things in life keep me happy. A nice cup of tea, a hug, some good moments with family and friends and a tasty meal, all mean "Happiness" for me and having a set of these mugs also means happiness. Got the hint haven't you? There are a lot more cups with different prints available for you to make a choice. The set comprises of 4 mugs and is ideal to sip anything you wish while spending happy moments with your loved ones.

3. Smartphone Projector from Uncommon Goods
I love cosying up with PS and watching a good cute romantic movie. I also love sitting with my family and watching all the latest releases at home. This smartphone projector is the coolest thing to have been invented and is high on my wishlist. You can download a movie of your choice on your phone (since there is a possibility that there isn't a romantic movie or a good movie running in the theatres), and make Valentine's extra special by projecting it on the wall and enjoying it together, whether just the two of you or the entire family. Don't forget to pick up some coke and popcorn too, to make it the best movie night ever! :-)

4. Customized Wall Clock from PrintVenue
Want to capture one of your favourite moments in time, a moment that was special to you both or moments that were special to you both? This customisable wall clock is the quintessential example of doing that. Whether you want a single image or mulitple images, there are templates for you to put as many pictures as you like. Anyone who gets this is definitely going to cherish it for a lifetime. My last one year has been the most eventful with my lil one coming into this world and there is nothing more than moments with her that I would want to have on this to preserve for life! :-)

5. Beatbox Bluetooth Mini Speaker from AskMeBazaar
If you get me this I will love you for life. The music buff in me covets music related accessories especially stuff that I can take with me when I am travelling. This bluetooth speaker is light enough to carry on my travels and perfect for Valentine's too to start a party anywhere. 

As you can see, my list is an absolute unisex list and the gifts are ideal for both men and women :-) I have recommended to you what I would like to get and incase I come across anymore Valentine's gifts that catch my eye the way these did, I will share them with you for sure! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! Love you guys! :-)

PS:- I know you love me too so keep the gifts coming! ;-)

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  1. Great options Ritcha :) Hope you are all doing well and the baby is fine too :)



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