Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blackberrys Sharp Nights Jam Up

Blackberrys, one of India’s most sought after menswear brand, recently brought together fashion and music, on a single night, on a single stage. It launched the Spring Summer’ 2013 collection at the Blackberrys Sharp Nights Jam Up, at an exclusive, closed door fashion extravaganza where moi was invited :) and where Arjun Rampal, Ayuhsmann Khurrana, Anushka Manchanda and Karsh Kale walked the ramp to showcase Blackberrys Summer 13 collection as the official show stoppers and then jammed up to create some really edgy music.

The night opened with the fashion show for the launch of the Spring Summer' 2013 collection. I would describe the collection as a blend of the old and the new - some looks that reminded you of the 60's with bow ties and slim suits, some classic fit suits and some very trendy pieces keeping in mind the young, worked out, chiselled bodies in today's time.

Can anyone else make maroon pants and a maroon bow tie look that hot?
Ayushmann looking dapper in the suit
The show stoppers taking to the ramp

What followed the fashion dose was the Jam up night and what a night it was! The Jam up concept was to combine some of the finest and most versatile talents in music and Bollywood, who have challenged existing norms and redefined conventional roles, and so we saw 4 new-age artists: Arjun Rampal(yes he spun some awesome EDM), Ayushmann Khurrana, Anushka Manchanda and Karsh Kale enthrall the crowd with their performances. Blackberrys has been known for the ‘twist’, ‘for challenging norms’ and 'walking the unbeaten path'. With the brand’s mantra of ‘Go Sharp’, this concept was another novelty from the brand.

Arjun Rampal making the crowd dance to his EDM tunes and creating quite a stir
Hotness!! All our Bollwood DJs please take a back-seat! We have a new star!
Ayushmann churned out Pani da rang, Saadi gali and Mera Mann making the crowd sing along with him
High energy and jumping around :)

This groovy video will give you a complete snapshot of the night and tell how FAB it was! :) You'll totally agree with what I was talking about ;)

And finally, Ri(t)ch Styles had to take her outfit snap too right ;), so here we are

Pic Credit: Twinkle Dalal

With the eclectic mix of artists that we saw at the Blackberrys Sharp Night Jam Up, this evening is surely going to be one that we will remember for life, for its celebration of all things sharp and fashionable! :)

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