Friday, February 22, 2013

Nivea Winter Care Kit - My perfect travel companion!

Winter is my skin's worst enemy - my dry skin gets drier with the season further sapping the moisture out of my skin! Add to that travel to a cold destination during winters and you will hear my skin crying out in terror. That's exactly what happened when I planned a trip to Turkey last month. I got nightmares with my skin telling me what a horrible person I was for choosing a cold destination! And then came to my rescue, Nivea's new Winter Care Kit, thanks to an ad I saw right in time for my trip. I picked up a whole lot of stuff(it included my regular Nivea Creme that was a part of the Winter Care Kit) which would sort out all my worries and my nightmares! :)

The Winter Care Kit

Here is my experience with the kit!

Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm

I started using this even before my trip started as I was already suffering from chapped lips and you got to trust me when I say this - This lip balm worked its wonders in the 5 hours of sleep I had after applying it. I woke up in the morning as if I never had chapped lips. This has to be the best lip balm I have used till date. It gives a cool tingly feeling due to the menthol present in the repair core which I love. For the whole of my trip this stayed in my pocket and I had had soft, smooth and moisturised pink lips to flaunt! :)

Nivea Creme

My earliest memories in life of a cream for the skin has been of Nivea. I still remember my dad religiously using the Nivea Creme every morning and night himself, and then while putting me to sleep, dotting my face all over with it and rubbing it into my skin till it was all absorbed. I would give it all credit for the lovely skin that I have today and it's also my dad's age defying secret which he uses till date. Even today in the toughest times for my skin when I give up on other products, the Nivea Creme comes to my rescue. Nothing has been able to beat this product for me. PS also uses this as a part of his daily skincare regime. It's for all skin types and definitely had to be a part of my travel kit.

Nivea Smooth Milk Body Lotion

Shea Butter is a highly moisturising and a naturally occurring source of vitamins A, C & E and is a must use for me to keep my skin hydrated. Hence the Nivea Smooth Milk body lotion was just what I needed, with its main content being Shea Butter. I saw that the effects lasted for 24 hours and I could manage with one application even in the really low temperatures of Turkey. I did not have to carry it around for re-application. Also it absorbed quickly into my skin and was not at all sticky. For best results apply it directly after a warm shower. The rougher portions of my skin actually smoothened up in a few days of application and my skin also felt much softer. The Nivea Smooth Milk absolutely stood up to its promise of being a winter care product :)

Nivea Creme Soft Shower Cream

I hadn't ever used a Nivea body wash in my life before, so when I was buying this I highly skeptical but since it was a part of the Winter Care Kit, I decided to give it a try. This shower cream was a total surprise - it left my skin so silky after a bath that I didn't know whether it had washed off properly or not. Initially I kept trying to wash it off because I couldn't believe that it could make your body feel so silky, but in a few washes I realised that this was the effect of the shower cream due to the Almond oil in it. Using this in combination with the Nivea Smooth Silk lotion has made my skin softer and smoother due to the high levels of moisturisation that my body has received.

The 4 products combined together took such good care of all my skincare needs on my Turkey trip, that it's a MUST for travel kits to cold destinations and I will also recommend these to everyone to include them into your regular regime!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your beauty tips , lovely ! Have a great week !

    XX Luba

    Cape and Louboutin pumps in my look today

  2. Winter is my skin's enemy too.. There are days in winter when my skin gets dark and lifeless but thank God... There's something known as summer

  3. I love nivea, have been using it since my childhood :) it sure is a winter savior for me!

  4. All the products look great! Nivea is surely worth trying!!

  5. Great post!!!

  6. I love Nivea products!! Great post sweetie!



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