Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Purple Passion Fashion

'Purple' rage seems to have taken over everywhere. From violet, lilac, lavender, magenta to pomegranate and plum, purple is prompting fashion gurus around the world to declare it 'the new black'. In my personal opinion its HOT and is a key colour that has worked its way into my wardrobe over the last few months.

Purple is supposed to be the color of good judgment and it is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. So if you want to have a calm, peaceful and happy day, what better than to dress in purple :)

However it is important to structure the use of purple well and also keep in mind the occasion and time of the day that you are using the colour. What I would suggest is:
  • If you want to keep it minimalist with just a dash of purple then use either one or two out of a purple belt, bag, scarf, shoes, jewellery or sunglasses
  • Use the rich, darker tones paired with metallic accessories for a night out
  • Play with lighter shades such as lilac or lavender for a daytime outfit
Here are the pieces that give my wardrobe a purple colour boost:

1. A sheer black net and purple satin dress - My Birthday Dress last year :) - India(Mumbai)
2. Purple short shift dress with vertical ruffles - One of my favourite buys - Singapore
3. Purple knit top from Zara - Really Comfy - Singapore
4. Violet Chiffon Leopard Print Dress from Express - Love this :) - USA(Chicago)
    That's my friend Rachana modelling it for me :)
5.Plum Over sized Top from Westside - Chic - India(Mumbai)

Below are few of the Purple colour based sets that I enjoyed putting together on Polyvore:

Violet Diva!
Love the frills on the top and the metallic bag! Ideal for day wear and can even go on for a night out for drinks.

Ooh la la!!
Love the dress! Perfect for a night out!

So get all your purple stuff out and paint the town purple!! :)


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