Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tip of the day! - Wearing a new colour

When you want to wear a new colour that has caught your interest but you haven't tried it earlier, then its best to first experiment with it to see how comfortable you are with it and whether it suits you. It’s especially applicable in the case of bright and neon colours that most people are not at ease with, which is why don't start wearing it right away as a complete outfit. Start the process slowly by taking on a few pieces that have just a hint of the colour and then gradually progress as your contentment quotient grows :)


  1. Nice tip Ritcha... But a question.. is the same principle applicable to make-up as well? especially when one is experimenting with colors that they haven't tried earlier?

  2. The above tip was for clothes.. As far as make up is concerned incase you are trying a new colour, for the lips start with a sheer lipstick or a gloss and then slowly move onto the darker shades in the colour. For blush and eyeshadow, start with a shimmery version for a softer look and then move onto the darker shades which is only advisable incase you are looking for a bold look.

  3. :) Thank you madam fashionista... was kinda fed up of my boring work-from-home mommy looks... in the process of a revamp...:) lets' see how I fare

  4. Becka - Watch out for more! :)

    Ruth - All the best!! :)


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