Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Learning Shapes via Art - Aryaa’s first Sponge Painting Experience!

Any child that has grown up in India in the last 50 years, has had Camlin as an integral part of their growing up years - be it for studies, art or craft. In fact, for most of us it is not a brand but an emotion. An avid craft enthusiast, Camlin products were a part of all my projects and today with Aryaa having active interest in art and craft, Camlin products are her best friends too. Aryaa is a leftie with great interest for painting and colouring and so we try and combine that love of hers with other things, not only to have fun and let her explore her creativity, but also to teach her what she is learning at school, thus ‘Making Learning Fun’! #MakingLearningFun 

Aryaa has recently learnt shapes in school and so we undertook a fun project this week where we used sponge painting as a technique to brush up her knowledge as well as have fun simultaneously. For this project we used Camlin Poster Colours and Camlin Flat Brushes as these are easy to handle and perfect for a pre-schooler to get creative with, along with some sponge pieces cut out in different shapes. Aryaa was painting for the first time with sponges so she was super excited and happy.

First we applied paint on the square sponge with the biggest flat brush. Make sure to not mix water as the sponge will soak it all and make the paint all watery. Just use paint and apply a good amount on the sponge.

Show your child what to do so that from the next shape they can take over completely. That will make them feel independent too. Once application of paint on the sponge is done show them how the sponge has to be lightly pressed onto the paper.

Once the square was done, Aryaa was delighted! Make sure you say WOW and clap for them as they will cherish the appreciation and achievement.

We then continued on with the other shapes the same way - Triangle, Star and so on. Aryaa decided to switch brushes too. At times she used 2 brushes to shift paints from the bottle to the bigger brush. At times she decided to paint other things without sponges and I let her do whatever her heart wanted to. Trust me you have a happier child when they get to do what they want and if it means that they are using their brains then why not? 😊

And TA-DA, we completed Aryaa's first Sponge Painting project, and the best part was that Aryaa knew all the shapes! Proud mommy I am!

For me art and craft have always had very positive effects on my mental and emotional health as it helps me feel stress free and lets me channel my energies in a constructive manner. Also I believe in 'Colour Therapy' and that bright colours make me happy and cheerful. Like I told you Aryaa also loves to colour and she is constantly colouring with crayons and colour pencils or with paints. In fact, at times she expresses herself way better in pictures than she does with words. She is a happy go lucky child and I believe that channelling her energies towards something that she loves to do also makes her a happy and peaceful child. Also Aryaa is a better behaved child when she is colouring, which means it plays a huge role in her emotional well being as well. Add to that appreciation and a sense of achievement, you definitely have a happy child in the making!

These kind of fun projects also help me in having a healthy relationship with my child because we bond over such activities even more, and I can help her in her studies in a more interesting way rather than the conventional as well as get time with her. It is a win win in all ways as we study and have fun. In the long run this is only going to make our mother-daughter bond a stronger and friendlier one. And when you have brands like Camlin by your side, it is only going to be a great journey.

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  1. Projects are a fun way to teach concepts to children

  2. Love camlin. A next step progression would be to build up on the shapes.. e.g., a triangle on top of a square could turn into a house.. semi circles can form the hills, circles can make clouds.. lots of love to arya

  3. Projects like these keeps kids busy in summer vacation

    1. Totally! We have a lot planned for the vacations..

  4. Projects like this will always makes the children mind more active. Keep on going with lot of arts like this. We too giving lot of projects with Fashion Designing Courses In Chennai for fashion lovers.

  5. Nice way to keep kids engaged . .. she is enjoying it

    1. Aryaa loves art and she is a lefty so she is quite inclined towards it.

  6. Great way to keep kids engaged during vacation


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