Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Last Minute Ideas for a Frightful & Delightful Halloween Party!

You suddenly realized it's Halloween today and you haven't prepped for it? Well whether you are off for a Halloween party or decided to keep one at the last minute, fret not, because I have a few wicked tricks up my sleeve that are so good, it's scary . You can call them benefits of my being part of the Netflix Stream Team, the advantages of which you get to reap as well 😈. And if you are a Netflix aficionado like me, trust me, you are in for a real treat!

I have some super cool DIY's for you that will make you the spirit of any party, so get ready to spook people out!👻

Spooky Costumes

Unleash your inner monsters as I throw some really cute costume ideas at you right now!

Well Boss Baby is the newest bad boy on the block, and why not be him! A look that is super easy to put together!

Sun down, monsters up! We've had enough of Dracula, and it's time to now move on to becoming his super cute son Drac Shadows!

If you like Larva Island and slapstick humour, then you must dress up as Red or Yellow, one of its two main larva characters. There couldn't be an easier costume DIY!

Sinister Snacks

After playing dress up, what matters at a party is food! Well the food got to be deadly right, so whip these up!

Cupcakes or Jello is any kid's or adult's delight, so you can never go wrong with these!

Deadly Decor

A few spooky elements and you can shake up the party with your decor ideas!

Get balloons in the same colours to add to the Halloween vibe and your spooky ideas should do the trick!

Ghastly Games

Time to get some people squealing with this silly games that both kids and adults can enjoy!

Pump some thrilling fun into the party with ghastly games like these, and I am sure everyone will be participating!

Just in case, you are not partying but want to just chill with the kids and family, then get some popcorn and drinks, and stay in and watch something scary/ monstrously cute on Netflix! 

My choices for tonight would be:
  1. For our little monsters
    • Super Monsters (Aryaa loves this!)
    • Larva
    • The Boss Baby
    • Monster's Inc.
    • Trolls
  2. For the whole family
    • The Worst Witch
    • The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell
    • Gnome Alone (super super cute)
    • Shrek (All the parts are my personal favourite)
    • Casper
  3. For when the kids are asleep
    • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

I personally do not watch HORROR movies, so Netflix is perfect on Halloween with the choices it has for some family time! Can't wait to get into the Boss Baby blanket with Aryaa and check these out!

Now don't waste any more time and get set to have a great Halloween as these tips will surely have you sorted! 🎃

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