Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Kids, Diwali Fun and Stains - Embracing it all!

Diwali is right around the corner! The other day I was trying to figure out how I actually feel about the Diwali holidays as a mother. Well, turns out I’m equal parts relieved and confused; I feel relieved for obvious reasons - no high-octane, rushed mornings! As a mother, my morning routine is characterized by a flurry of activities - running around frantically to gather school stuff, packing the lunch box, checking up on my kiddo every now and then to see if she has not dozed off again, getting her dressed for school, oh boy, I'm racing against the clock! So yeah, a 2-week break is hands down, a welcome breather. I love it when my days are relaxed and peacefully idle and that I can just do my own thing (most importantly, drink my coffee when it’s hot!) and spend quality time with my daughter.

But there’s a flip side to this - how do I keep her engaged? What do I do when I hear the dreaded “Mommy, I’m bored!”? Is there any way by which I can keep my daughter's Diwali vacations playful and productive? This is the confusing part I was talking about in the beginning. But as a mom, I needed to find those answers on my own and I think I have found them. Given below are some fun-filled, Diwali-apt activities that both you and your kids will enjoy!

  • Let ‘em don the hat of a chef
Kids love being chefs, and it’s so endearing to watch little ones try their hand at adulting! Enlist their help for something as simple as pouring tomato sauce on pizzas or just the garnishing bit. You can also find easy chocolate milkshake/chocolate dessert recipes that they will love to make. Things will become all the more entertaining if you turn it into a competition by involving a few friends. Showcase their desserts as Diwali sweets and they will feel a part of the festivities a lot more!

  • Get them to write legibly and enjoy it
With all that constant tapping on the mobile phones and laptops, it's not surprising that the art of penmanship is slowing ebbing away! However, in order to breeze through their school and college years, our kids need to be able to write in legible handwriting which is why enrolling them in a calligraphy class during Diwali is a great start. A calligraphy class won't just be instrumental in improving your kid's handwriting but will also increase concentration levels and boost his/her artistic side. You can have someone come home and teach your child and maybe you too can learn along with them. After all you only have to assist them in all their future projects, isn’t it? Get them to create handwritten Diwali cards and make people feel special.

  • Allow them to become hosts on weekends
My little one loves playing the perfect host to her friends; I’m so glad that she has this quality in her! While this cannot be an everyday activity but can definitely be reserved for the weekends where your kids can be in charge of everything - right from setting up the table to working up a centrepiece with flowers to arranging the dishes to helping with salads to planning post meal games. You can keep the main job to yourself - the cooking part, of course! My little one and her gang love butter chicken and paneer makhani. Maybe you can keep a Diwali party where she gets to be the host!

  • Pottery-making time
I personally find pottery-making as one of the best therapeutic activities to soothe my senses and that kids have a natural leaning towards anything that involves mud/wet mud is no secret, scheduling a pottery-making session for your kids is a definitely good options to keep their minds that are forever flitting from one thing to another like a butterfly, engrossed and entertained. It teaches them to be patient and calm and also encourages self-expression. Get your kids to make Diwali diyas.

While the above-mentioned activities are all fun and enjoyable and creative, there’s a teeny-weeny problem that you’ll have picked up after reading through these ideas and that is stains! No matter how you slice it, kids are stain-magnets and every time you discover a new kind. But no worries, as the all-new and improved Ariel tackles tough and clingy stains in just one wash

From the stubborn ghee stains of paneer makhani/butter chicken to the inky stains/smudges, your kids' clothes can become adorned with a variety of beauty spots! But fret not as Ariel Liquid has got your back! Now that you don’t have to worry about fighting those stains any more, I see no reason for you to not start on with these activities!

Enjoy your Diwali vacations! 💥

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