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Natural Intimate Care for MOMS!

Mothers to be and new mothers need the most care. A mother to be is braving pregnancy, while a new mother has braved pregnancy, childbirth and is going through countless sleepless nights, all with a smile on her face, because her baby means the world to her and she would do anything for him/her! Doing all this while she manages the hormonal changes as well as physical changes in her body deserves a lot of credit.

The hormonal changes can cause infections, irritations and odour in the intimate areas and hence it is important for mothers to maintain healthy personal hygiene. The Himalaya Drug Company, is a company that I totally believe in. I have been using its skincare as well as baby care products for ages and this company really puts in a lot of thought into its products. Which is why when Himalaya became the first-ever wellness brand to carve out a niche category of natural products for the hygienic well being of new mothers and mothers-to-be, I wasn't surprised since they have only reinstated this fact further and made me believe in the brand further. The intimate care range of products is enriched with Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Pongamia Oil, Lavender Oil, and Lactic Acid, which not only helps in restoring the vaginal pH balance but also have anti-fungal properties. They have launched the Himalaya Intimate Wash, Himalaya Intimate Wipes and Himalaya Nursing Wipes FOR MOMS.

The range contains natural ingredients and is herbal in nature which is the best part about these products as synthetic components can play with the natural balance of the body at this stage and that has been kept well in mind. Let's take a closer look at the products now!

 Himalaya Nursing Wipes

It is very important to maintain breast hygiene especially when your child is latching on to it practically every 2 hours for its feed. While the hormones are playing around and the feeding process can cause sensitivity, soreness and get painful, Himalaya Nursing wipes FOR MOMS help maintain hygiene as well as soften and protect your nipples by avoiding drying and chapping. With these you can remove any milk or sweat on your breast and prepare for the next feeding session as well as clean up after finishing. These wipes contain edible grade coconut oil that is not only moisturizing and healing but also has anti-fungal properties thus ensuring comfortable breastfeeding for mom and child. This is super easy to carry, non-messy and easy to dispose.

These are available in 2 pack sizes - 24 wipes for INR 75/- and 72 wipes for INR 200/-

Get them here -

Himalaya Intimate Wash

During pregnancy and for new mothers due to hormonal changes, the intimate area is prone to excessive vaginal discharge which can cause irritation and itching which adds to the discomfort. The acidic pH balance of the vaginal area goes through changes as pregnancy hormones cause acidic changes. I had included an intimate wash in my personal hygiene routine to maintain the pH balance when I was pregnant and I think every mommy or mommy-to-be should do so. The Himalaya Intimate Wash is extra mild and has a fresh floral fragrance to it. It helps to maintain normal vaginal pH balance between 3.5 and 4.5 and thus controls itching, irritation and odour. Not to mention, it helps you feel clean and fresh. It is important for mothers to know that soap being alkaline disturbs the vaginal pH balance and water alone will not suffice as it has a neutral pH, so it is important to use an intimate wash. The key ingredients are Lactic Acid which maintains a healthy acidity of the vaginal environment, Tea Tree Oil which is what works on the itching and irritation and Pongamia Oil has anti-fungal property.

It is available in 2 pack sizes: 100 ml for INR 116/- and 200 ml for INR 205/-

Get them here -

Himalaya Intimate Wipes

These wipes can be used in place of the intimate wash or when you are out of the house. They are easy to carry and dispose. It helps one maintain vaginal hygiene on the go. Even for women who are not pregnant or are not new mothers, this product is ideal as it helps you stay fresh, maintain basic hygiene and take care especially when you are using public washrooms. The key ingredients are Lactic Acid which maintains a healthy acidity of the vaginal environment, Lavender Oil that gives the wipes a mild floral fragrance and helps to get rid of odour, and Pongamia Oil that has anti-fungal properties and helps to reduce dryness and irritation. 

It is available in 2 pack sizes: 10 wipes for INR 47/- and 25 wipes for INR 104/-

Get them here -

Packaging: The packaging of the entire range is in line with the green, white, purple and pink packaging of their other brand products. The flip top of the intimate wash is tight and prevents any leakages.

My Verdict: The products are just what a new mother needs - effective, natural and cost effective, and are safe for the well being of her and her child! I highly recommend the range to new mothers and to-be-mothers. 

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