Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Serv'd - Going Cashless With Your Domestic Help

Technology is slowly but steadily taking over most of the work that humans do manually and it's not funny how with just a few clicks on our smartphones we run major parts of our lives. I was born in the times when mobile phones never existed and I have witnessed to the entire change, from landlines in the house to mobile technology, to the smartphone technology that has now become so necessary to cater to our needs, that we feel helpless if we are asked to live without it even for a day. India alongside has also progressed and uplifted the society norms, but something that is yet unchanged is the need for a maid in every Indian household.

If my maids skip my work even for a day, all my schedules go for a toss, as I'm totally dependent on them for the help that they offer. There are no rules and regulations for them like most of us have in our offices, as it is still an unorganized profession, and disputes are a common issue for a lot of peoplePaying them in cash is the norm, be it their salaries, bonus or any other promises that you have made to them. However, the current phase of demonetisation had them the worst hit because people were not able to pay them on time and it was really sad to see them suffer. I found a solution! So, what if I tell you, that you now have an app to manage your maids and house help, track records and pay them directly into their bank accounts, instead of arranging cash every month to pay them - sounds great isn't it? Looks like we again have to alter our lives with the help of technology :-)

Serv'd is a new app that I recently came to know about and I found it very interesting. This app helps you manage the attendance of your household service provider be it a maid, driver, cook or nanny, and pay them directly into their accounts. Available on Android as well as IOS, registration is simple and it takes you not more than 10 minutes to register them. 

This app helps you store all the details in one place rather than you keeping a mental record or writing things in a diary. It helps you register all your house helps with the help of their Aadhar or PAN card to maintain transparency, and the element of security is also maintained. Once you register them they get a call from the call centre and need to respond to an SMS to verify themselves. Once the verification with the house help is complete, you get a call on how to link their bank account to the app. Your house help, who is the service provider does not need a smartphone to know the updates you have made over the month as they will get notifications via SMS or a call from the Serv'd call center.

Once the verification is done, you can proceed to enter every detail possible regarding the house help's job role which I found really amazing. It helps you calculate their exact take home at the end of every month when they take leaves or have done extra work, or have a bonus promised, as you can add all the data into the app. An invoice is generated at the end of the month, to have everything on record.

It is a very innovative thought process that not only helps us to go cashless in our transactions but also greatly solves the problem of demonetisation, and also helps our house help build their savings and a financial history. 

The ideology of the Serv'd app is to provide the labour class with an income proof which can, in the longer run help them to avail loans, insurances and investment facilities provided by the banks so they don't resort to money lenders or us to give them the loan in their times of need. This definitely is progress in the right direction, and we should play a role in educating people on the same. 

Aapki Suvidha, Sabki Unnati!

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