Thursday, February 16, 2017

My favourite moments from Valentine's Day!

Love is not about that one day in the year and one person only, it is about daily acts of caring, sharing and warmth with people that matter to you. Hence I do not believe in the commercial concept of Valentine’s Day, but the actual concept that it is the day of love. So while PS and I don't need that one day in a year to display our affection for each other for everyone to see, it is a day that we try to spend quality time together as a family and with people that we love. Aryaa has become a part of our lives for the last couple of years and in our own ways we are trying to get her to understand what love's all about!

This year we wound up work early at each of our respective ends, and decided to catch up in town at Marine Drive to spend some fun time with Aryaa. We reached there right in time to watch the sunset while Aryaa spent the next one hour blowing bubbles. After my Republic Day experience with my Coolpad Cool 1 dual phone, there was no doubt in what I would be using to capture my all my Valentine's Day memories.

When the sun sets, close your eyes and make a wish. Sunsets are testimony that whatever your day comprises of - good or bad, every day can end on a beautiful note. What better than the day of love for me to wish for all the love in the world!

The Night Mode was my choice for clicking the above pictures and I like how it captures so much light even in low light conditions.

The Selfie Mode of the 8MP front camera in this phone is really fun as it has a feature where it gives you a rating and an adjective to describe how good you look in the selfie. PS and I had a lot of fun trying out this feature. The phone saves the selfie as 2 pictures - one with the rating and ranking, and one without. Valentine perfect!

I think the phone was in love with PS because it refused to detect my face and only continued to rate him ;-)

Once the sun set, we decided to catch up with my parents for dinner. Post dinner, PS decided to take me on a coffee date and we headed to the mall. There were cute teddy bears, flowers, decorations and balloon installations all over the mall for Valentine's Day. Pictures obviously had to be taken!

I used the Auto and HDR: Auto mode to take the above images. Some of these were taken from a distance.

Not long before I got to using my favourtie mode - the SLR mode which gives me blurry backgrounds with clarity of the object in focus. It is a great mode to use for objects at a distance.

Then it was time for the coffee date! PS got himself a filter coffee while I got myself a cappuccino and a berry muffin (and a heart on my coffee since it was Valentine's!).

I love playing with different levels of the aperture setting in the SLR mode just like above, to get different levels of blurriness. Just as it works well for objects at a distance, it works well for close up shots too. 

We enjoyed trying out the selfie mode so much in the evening that we had to try it again while we had our coffee. PS gave the weirdest smiles to get different ratings and it was really funny to see the faces he was making. This time the phone recognized me in my selfies, as well as gave a dual rating in the couple selfies, thus making it a lot more fun!

Finally getting the McDreamy tag is what every guy wants, and that is what made PS the happiest!

It was finally time to head home since home is where the heart is. I had already kept my gifts ready for PS and Aryaa which they loved!

A Diesel Watch for PS

A pretty doll and Kinder Surprise eggs for Aryaa which she loves to unbox after seeing numerous YouTube videos ;-)

Using the Coolpad Cool 1 dual phone has been a fun experience till date and it keeps surprising me with its features day after day. The finger sensor below the rear camera module, which helps to click pictures by just touching the finger onto the sensor is the handiest feature. The 5.5” screen is a perfect fit for me and the best part is Cool 1’s 4000 mAh battery with standby time up to 300 hours. The phone also has a reverse charging ability which provides effortless juice to other devices.

If you are looking for a phone that will help you take pictures and selfies effortlessly, do check this phone out here -

Was your Valentine's just with a special someone or did you celebrate it with all your loved ones? Do comment below and let me know as it will be interesting to know what is your take on this day of LOVE :-)

Please Note:- All the above pictures are absolutely unedited and only the watermark has been added.

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