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Kids Room Decor Tips and the Asian Paints iStyle Challenge!

Interior decor is a regular topic in my life, be it a discussion with friends, family or on the blog but I have noticed that most people leave out one important part in practically all discussions, which is on kids related decor. This is exactly what I am going to be touching on in this post. What you surround your kid with in their growing up years, will have a huge influence on how they grow and develop. For this very reason it is very important to make your child's room comfortable to live, learn and play in. I am now planning to move into a bigger house, where Aryaa's room is something that I am going to put my complete effort to do up, as she now is a 2 year old who would like to have her own space.

There are very few brands that I trust when it comes to doing up my house and Asian Paints is one of them. It has literally become my one stop shop for most of my decor needs. Asian Paints has always offered a wide range of services to its consumers and with time it has kept on innovating thus making it more comfortable for their consumers to play and experiment with their homes. The latest innovation that Asian Paints has come up with on their website is the Colour Store segment - http://colourstore.asianpaints.com/ where we get a chance to decorate our home spaces digitally to understand the final outcome before we get it done in real. They have a 'Create Room' feature where they have presets of the separate areas of the house like bedroom and living room and have different options to play around for you to experiment and understand what the final outcome will be. Now what could be better than seeing your own ideas on paper created into reality by none other than Asian Paints. Using this feature I have created a digital plan of what Aryaa's room will look like and am quite excited to execute it :)

Here are some simple yet key tips in doing up your kids bedroom which I kept in mind while designing Aryaa's room:
  1. The room should have elements of what your kid likes, which probably you can recreate for them in simple ways. Aryaa loves the Minions and so the wallpaper will be all about them :)
  2. Kids rooms should be bright and airy with playful details to add warmth and colour. So as you can see there is just the required amount of furniture so that there is enough space for Aryaa to play unrestricted. Also I have used white and bright colours like red, yellow and blue for decor and furnishings.
  3. Ideally choose not to have a theme so that as they grow older, they can add their own touches and the room can thus suit their personality as per their choices.
  4. Use super storage and clever solutions that help keep away clutter, like beds with concealed storage, and cabinets with a lot of depth which also become a display area for books and toys.
  5. Keep a wall as empty as possible which later you can use to decorate with your child's artwork. That is exactly my plan with the wallapapered wall in this image.You can use colourful wooden frames to frame the artwork and add some quirkyness,
  6. Always have a study desk in your kid's room so that they don't get accustomed to studying in any other area of the house especially on the dining table or in the drawing room. They need to understand that studying areas need to be discreet and cut off from the general areas of the house.
  7. Keep toys that can be dismantled/deflated and stocked away after playing like Aryaa's tent house and her ball pool.
  8. Keep all furniture towards the walls so that there is less chances of them getting hurt or stumbling and falling. Use corner protectors on all sharp edges and try to have rounded edges in all your furniture. Also try and keep your beds upholstered just like the one I have chosen in the picture, so that if they are ever playing around the bed or on it, there are no chances of getting hurt.
I was so glad when I could incorporate all my ideas into this picture but the icing on the cake was that I could submit my entry to the new iStyle Challenge that Asian Paints has added to their site where I just might win a full room makeover if I turn out to be lucky! :)

So what is the iStyle Challenge?
I told you about the 'Create Room' feature earlier where on the site Asian Paints has presets of the separate spaces of the house like bedroom and living room. You have to select the preset of your choice, which will take you to the next steps where you will be choosing wall finishes, décor elements and custom décor. In each of these three sections you have further categories color, texture, furniture, accessories, etc. You can decide to design the area by yourself with the help of presets offered by Asian Paints. You then can submit your entries and be eligible to win a room makeover yourself! The have named the challenge so aptly by calling it the iStyle Challenge because you have the freedom to personally create a look for your house that you wish and something that will be unique and then stand a chance to make that design a reality courtesy the Colour store by participating in the #iStyleChallenge.


2 of you reading this blog post will get a Gift Voucher from me. All you have to do is:

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Get going now to participate in the iStyle Challenge http://bit.ly/ColourStore

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