Thursday, March 10, 2016

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It's only been two and a half years that I've spent in my current home, and the issues have already started to set in. Tiny cracks here and there, and dampness in certain sections of the wall have made me start to think about repairs and renovations which the house needs urgently, since I have a toddler in the house who is trying her best to pull out all the peeling scraps. The research for the same began a couple of months ago but because of Aryaa being around, there are no corners being cut in terms of understanding what all needs to be done as I want nothing but the best being used and done for the corrections to be made. In the midst of all this, the top home maintenance brands of Pidilite Industries Ltd, Dr. Fixit and Roff  invited me for the launch of ‘The Happy Homes Blog’ - last month, the perfect reference guide for people like me to renovate, build and maintain their home.

You can't imagine how much simpler it has made my renovation process. The blog equips you with all the know-how which goes into making a home not only beautiful, but strong and healthy too! They have multiple sections on the blog that range from renovation to building a home to maintaining a home, the outdoors as well as trends in home decor that you could use inspiration from. It is interesting to see the variety of topics on offer across various categories like these giving home-owners an insight into different aspects of looking after their homes. 

The focus on waterproofing and insulation is the highlight. The blog also features a ‘healthy home calculator’, which poses a series of questions and determines the health of a particular home based on the answers given. This for people like me who have kids is a real boon because an unhealthy home means health issues for kids which is the last thing that you want.

The launch was interesting with a virtual reality experience that gave us an idea of how the use of Dr. Fixit and Roff could make a difference to homes. It was followed by a panel discussion with experts like Dr. Alpa Dalal, Pulmonologist, C.A Ramesh Prabhu – Head of Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association, Shilpi Kakkar Madan- Contributing Editor, Better Homes and Omkar Thakur - Vastushastra Consultant.

They discussed the various challenges that people face in the upkeep of their homes along with tips on health, community living, home decor and harmonious living. Dr. Alpa Dalal spoke in detail about how dampness, seepage and molds in the house can cause recurring breathing issues, asthma and allergies in kids which anyway was my concern, and made me immediately check out solutions at the event itself. I came back knowing exactly what to refer to on the blog to do what needs to be done. :)

Pidilite's commitment to home-maintenance goes beyond merely selling their market-leading products is proved through the blog, as they aim to share their expertise, accumulated over several decades in the industry with home-owners to help give shape to their dream of home-ownership. There could be nothing more personal than a blog to serve this purpose. Being a blogger I know the power of going digital and Pidilite surely is on the right path.

For me The Happy Homes Blog is going to mean a healthy child in a healthy house and thus a happy mommy! :)

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  1. Very helpful post for people who are going to build their house. Thanks for sharing!


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