Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Luxe Café - Global Luxury at your fingertips

Having been a part of the Publishing Industry in India particularly the Luxury domain, I know for a fact that there are hardly any publications in the B2C market covering Global Luxury that focus on high-quality curated content and don't give the eyes an eye sore. After having developed a highly respected magazine for the Indian Luxury market, I know the pains it takes to put together a product that shares first-hand information and a 360 degree view of the elite lifestyle choices in today's world. So one day while browsing for one of my work projects when I came across TheLuxeCafe.com,  I was truly impressed by how well it was fashioned as a virtual salon for the serious purveyors of luxurious living. As an online luxury lifestyle magazine, this virtual café is poised to be a one-stop destination for people globally who appreciate exclusive tastes, travels, technology and much more. The content revolves around Fashion, Interiors, Auto, Real Estate, Travel, Gastronomy, Personas and Ideas.

India is still on the path to 'Luxury Consciousness'. The delay isn't because we do not have the disposable income due to which we are disinterested, but because there isn't proper access to required information. The Luxe Café is trying to bridge this gap by appointing not only experienced writers, artists and design specialists to create a unique offering, but also selected industry experts to directly engage with the readers and provide them first hand authentic information to make informed choices regarding premium brands.

Editorial Director of The Luxe Café, Manisha Mayur Shekhar [ex-journalist and luxury marketing expert] has her focus very clear. As luxury enthusiasts are on the rise not only in cosmopolitan cities but also in upcoming tier II & III cities, she wants to extend the experience to the discerning audience who are becoming highly brand conscious in these cities as well. To put it rightly, India has become the new destination for Luxury. According to a recent report by ASSOCHAM and Yes Bank, India's luxury market is expected to reach $14.72 billion by 2015 from an estimated $8.21 billion last year, with about 30% of the customers coming from smaller cities. The rapid growth of the Indian middle class has ensured that a larger number of consumers are able to afford luxury goods than ever before. Luxury is no more just for the privileged few. Therefore, Manisha has made sure that The Luxe Café is uniquely designed and features a selection of engaging, informative and exciting stories, reviews, experientials and tips from brands directly to consumers, thus making it not just a regular online magazine,but a quick gateway to the world of luxury.

My favourites hands down were the Fashion and Travel sections.

Personalities like HH Maharaja Gaj Singh, Rosita Missoni - founder of the Italian fashion house Missoni, Malav Shroff - boating tycoon, Dinaz Madhukar - President of DLF Emporio, Riccardo Bestetti – creator of bespoke Italian men’s shoes, are some of the famous names from among the selection of many more who will be associated with The Luxe Café. This for me means hanging out with the best and appreciating the finer things in life.

Those looking for a good read on the Luxury Industry, do log on to The Luxe Café and I promise you will be awestruck! Meanwhile I am heading there to read the latest stories :-)

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