Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just Be Yourself

My pregnancy was filled with futile shopping visits most of the times that I wanted to buy clothes. Having not put on too much weight other than a little bit on the tummy and on the curvy areas, maternity clothing didn't fit me well and regular clothing my size would be super tight on the tummy. What I needed was good plus size clothing which most brands in this country don't really believe in despite most Indian women actually being endowed with curves in the right places. I mean being curvy is good - Ask the ones who have the curves! Since I am extra choosy and picky and can't make do with just something not up to the mark, I managed with existing clothes in my wardrobe that were either flary or were picked up abroad(they actually have great clothes catering to plus size and curvy women). Even when I wasn't pregnant, because of being heavier on my lower body, I always craved for well fitting pants that I didn't have to alter to fit my waist, because I always had to buy larger sizes as per my butt size! I constantly wondered why hardly any brands ever bothered about it, and if they did then why did they not care to make stylish clothes instead of drab and boring ones.

My recent visit to Westside seemed like an answer to all my prayers. Sassy Soda, its latest trendy collection designed for women who love their curves and believe in 'Have it, Flaunt it' definitely displays a unique understanding of the fashion needs of the curvier youth of today.

I had a great time exploring the collection cause it was too good to be true, and put together a few outfits too to show you how awesome this collection is!

I love how they have taken care to incorporate all the latest trends, be it fun prints and silhouettes and colours that pop to add oomph to your wardrobe. Finally curvy girls are going to dress up without any compromises.

Plus size fashion in India is not going to be the same anymore. Westside has definitely added SASS to this segment! :-)

By the way, it's not just Sassy Soda that they launched recently. They have also introduced their first in-house stylish and affordable lingerie brand called Wunderlove. They have 3 different collections to suit different moods - Daily Essentials that are your everyday must-haves. Everyday Pretty that lets you explore your fun, playful side and Fancy Pants of alluring and elegant separates. Something to suit everyone's taste. I am a crazy hoarder of lingerie and I know for a fact that I am going to go back to pick up not one but loads of their gorgeous pieces. Lovestruck is the apt word for what I feel about Wunderlove! 

These launches scream out to me "Just Be Yourself"! 

I'm sure you guys want to know what all I picked up but what's the hurry? :-) Soon Soon.. Very soon... Till then do go and check out these new launches at Westside! 

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  1. Nice collection! Thank God, someone is giving curvy women the right fits!

  2. glad to hear you were able to find a label that embraced women's curves!

    cute & little

  3. I do love their collection, they have some lovely pieces. I loved the printed trousers the most :)

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!


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