Thursday, November 20, 2014

A penny saved is a penny earned!

The last few months have been crazy! Motherhood is a full time job by itself, but a job that I am loving to the core :-) Along with motherhood descending upon me, the other aspect of my life that has become important is the necessity to save more, as now its not just 2 people but 3 people that we are going to be spending on. Since I am an avid online shopper, mainly because of the convenience and also cause I am a Shopaholic, the showering of online sales and deal/coupon sites onto the Indian web world in the recent past has been a total blessing!

Zoutons is the latest deal/coupons site that I have stumbled upon and I'm loving it! The coupon categories range right from baby products(fresh category in my life), books, clothing & accessories. chocolates, cosmetics, electronics, food, footwear, home decor, personal care, movie tickets, travel to what not and much more. You name it and you will find a coupon. Zoutons motto is to form a symbiotic relation with shopaholics by providing them crucial information on discount coupons, closing sales, promo codes etc. from all the leading merchandisers of the Indian retail industry. They have coupons from most of the sites I shop from, be it Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart or Amazon. During the festive season, they bombard you with deals from all over the Indian world wide web, thus making gift shopping a stress free affair.

Just before Dusshera and Diwali, I decided shop on Jabong for some gifts for PS. UCB was having an awesome online sale on Jabong  and there was a further discount of 27% being offered on using a coupon available on the Jabong website. While that would have been a great deal in itself, it suddenly struck me to check out Zoutons because of the various reviews I had been hearing for a while and guess what, I found a coupon for 32% off for Jabong. You have to see this picture to believe the deal that I got!

I always get great deals on Jabong, but the coupon from Zoutons was the cherry on the cake! The price at which I got the entire order is less than what I usually pay for a shirt for PS when I pick it up in full price from the UCB store! So this purchase wasn't just a saving, but a mega saving and I kept patting myself on the back for days on how smart I always am in finding the best deals ;-)

This way I don't have to worry about more shopping or increasing expenses and I can save likewise and spend on other things! What more does one need in life? :-)

Have you guys ever tried Zoutons? If yes, then how was your experience and if not, then do try and share your experience with me! I love hearing deal/savings stories!!!

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  1. Thats an awesome deal... i will surely check Zoutons now, thanks for recommending :)

  2. Definitely we should make use of coupons. It helps a lot in saving while online shopping.


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