Monday, January 7, 2013

Style Swap with Attic : Part 2 - The Attic Looks

I know some of you have been waiting for the 2nd part of the Style Swap with Attic series for a while, and my holiday to Turkey was the reason why it was on hold, but now no more delay. This post is going to be it! :D

Just to refresh - The Attic Style Swap is all about bringing you out of your comfort zone. Attic know's that you have style(that's a pre-requisite you see) but they lay emphasis on giving you an alternative one. They assist you to try something new, something out of the box, experimenting with your look.

The project was divided into 3 outfits - 
My Look - 1 look that I was most comfortable in when I stepped out. This had to be a slightly formal look, which everyone around me identified me with - You saw this here in the 1st part
Their looks for me - 2 experimental looks which would be something different from my regular style

High waist being the key, this is what they did with me :)

Attic Look 1: Modern-Indian Runway fashionista

Brocade wide leg trousers by Sabbah Sharma - Rs. 5630.
Graphic kitsch jacket by Half Full - Rs. 10,500.
Gold Filigree bag (Rs. 4400 ), Bangles(Rs.1950), Leaf earrings (Rs.1450) by Ritika Sachdeva

Attic Look 2: Retro Pop, with a hint of drama!

Colour block high waist skirt by Him, Her & the Apple - Rs. 9265
Grey cape jacket by Gaga - Rs. 5550
Metal stone ring by Ritika Sachdeva - Rs. 1300
Gold & stone necklace by Neha Sahai - Rs.3200

I loved both the looks they tried on me and I'm definitely gonna be picking up a lot of high waist stuff for myself... Amrita and Rixi it was an eye opener on that front for me! Thanks Attic!

Thankxxxxx TesOura for the gorgeous curls and I will be trying them on myself more regularly as they really looked fabulous! :)

The Style Swap was super fun whether it was dressing up in the fabulous clothes, or getting my hair done, or getting shot in the various by lanes of Bandra - all in all we had a blast!

What do you guys think about the Style Swap? I would love to know your feedback!

Also, if any of you are interested in the Style Swap, get in touch with me and I will put it across to the Attic guys for you..

Hope you liked the experimentation :)

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  1. I love your look #1, the colours and overall outfit are lovely!
    I'm and old follower on a new account, please feel free to check my new blog out!

  2. Wow! Now this is some beauty and glamour. I love both the looks. You look like a different person. I wish I could get that kind of a make over... :)
    Good Wishes Richa.



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