Sunday, January 27, 2013

An evening of Prints, Tassles & Coloured Pants!

Weekends are always the best time of the week. You get ample time with all the people you want to spend time with without bothering too much about late nights or the next task to do. Family, friends and fun is mostly what my weekends are all about :) Catching up with friends is always nice and that's what PS and me make sure we do once a month with seven to eight other couples. Good food, drinks, a nice place, lotsa gossip and sometimes some music and dancing are all part of the evening. To top it of course is 'Dressing Up' ;)

Like I said 'Dressing Up' tops the list ;) and so there I was dressed up in my brand new Forever New printed pants anRomwe Arrow-shaped Curb Chain Tassel Necklace. Gorgeous is the word for both these pieces :) Since there was a chill in the air, I put on my sand coloured Zara cardigan. Don't miss the lovely platform stilettos with the beautiful cut out design that adorned my feet.

Singlet - Local market
Printed Pants - Forever New
Cardigan - ZARA

Arrow-shaped Curb Chain Tassel Necklace -
Cut-out Platform Stilettos - Giovana (Singapore)
Clutch - Esbeda (Gift)

PS has also started experimenting with his clothes lately and has finally stepped into the world of coloured pants. I loved what he wore that nite - Cobalt blue pants(his latest buy on our Turkey trip), a black shirt with fine checks detailing on the collar, buttons and sleeves and grey suede shoes.

Black Shirt with checks detailing - AND for Men
Cobalt Blue denims - Istanbul, Turkey
Grey Suede Shoes - Foot In
Watch - Swatch

We met up at Cafe Mangi (Powai) this month and I loved this location of theirs. Much better and bigger than the Bandra location. Not to forget, open air dinners are always good fun especially when you are with great company.

With the prints, statement accessories and coloured pants trends looking at becoming bigger in 2013, which ones are gonna make it your wardrobe? All 3 or are you going to pick and choose? Share with me and I'll tell you where to get the best deals from :)

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  1. Loving the hot printed pants and necklace! :D

  2. Love ur stilettos , its vety lovely :))

  3. Nice pants , lovely ! Have a wonderful sunday !

    XX Luba

    Well Living Blog :: goes shopping to Ljubljana

  4. That necklace is just so spectacular and I'm really loving your pants!

  5. Girl comes to powai , goes without tellin....Hmmm,dislike
    bTW, LOVE THAT ARROW necklace and your lipcolor!

  6. Ritch, I love that necklace it is simply stunning. And I must say both husband and wife really do know how to wear a pair of stylish pants. Both look fab.
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  7. Great Pictures Ritcha :) I like the edgy pants <3


  8. love your necklace and blue pants.. stunning color. What more I love is u both looking cute..god bless you.(:

  9. lovely necklace gal! I agree, weekends are perfect time to dress up and have a good time with friends :)
    fav trends for me are colored pants and stmt necklaces, I am yet to embrace the printed pants trend :)

  10. Love the shirt! Super cute, the whole outfit is adorable! Great pictures :)



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