Saturday, June 30, 2012

Xx Syndrome at Pret-Amoda

The relaunch of Pret-Amoda has been a pleasant surprise with the new chic and easy-to-navigate look making online shopping a hassle free experience. I'm loving their range of items and categories to suit everyone's tastes - from traditional to modern to bohemian to trendy. Prices too are for every kind of budget that one may have.

Today when I was checking out the site, I came across a lovely collection of bib necklaces from Xx SyndromeThese gorgeous necklaces are one-off pieces using myriad hues, mirrors, gotas, fabric and a lot of embellishments. Highly affordable and easy to style in multiple ways, I am lusting over quite a few pieces from this collection and you guys got to help me choose which one(s) I should buy :)
Chroma bib necklace
Color mania bib necklace
Vivienne bib necklace
Waterfall bib necklace

So what's your favourite? Drop your comments to help me relieve my confusion! :)

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