Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday Nite colour blocking

Colour blocking these days is all about mixing colours and not at all about matching :) That's how I look at it. Gone are the days when we would worry if we were committing a fashion crime on mixing colours that we would be caught dead wearing together. Now its about mixing the right colours to make the right impact.

Not only is the color blocking combination of red and pink stealing my heart currently, but it's also rocking the lives of a lot more women worldwide ;)

Sarah Jessia Parker looks gorgeous!

Salvatore Ferragamo adds a punch to the collection

Having seen how awesome it looks on the runways, in magazines, on celebrities and on fellow bloggers, I decided to give it a try with existing items in my wardrobe. I paired my bright pink Promod pants with my favourite red top from Singapore with a dash of silver and voila!

Color blocking, me, a good friend, good conversation, good food & drinks and a camera - Perfect Saturday Nite! :)

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  1. loving this outfit! very cute and great color combo


  2. OMG, such great outfit!! I loved SJP's look when I first saw it and you have nailed it!!
    Style-Delight Blog

  3. Where did my coment go!! Arggh!
    BTW, Love your outfit! I loved SJP's outfit so much when I saw it and you have nailed the look perfectly!
    Style-Delight Blog

  4. Oh my gosh you look so cute!!! I have really wanted to try out the red and pink colorblocking style. Thanks for the inspiration ;-)

  5. I though that red with fuchsia did not match but after this post I will definitely gonna try this!
    Thanx, really really nice post!

    Christina xxx

  6. great inspiration and even greater results :)

  7. Great work:) you look absolutely great too. I have always been quiet cautious of color blocking but, inspired that I am will definitely try:) Following you right away:) (hope it interests you).

  8. Loved your outfit !! :)
    PS- following u now.. Would be glad if you visit my blog sometime & follow me back-

  9. omg fantastic colour combination!!kisses from germany!La Folie 

  10. Really great outfit!!

    Drea xo


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