Monday, January 27, 2020

Suppressed Emotions.....

Improving the quality of my life is a mission that I have been on for the last couple of years. I can vouch that through awareness and practice, my life is way better than what it was. I have realized that there is so much that we all are unaware about, which we can’t even believe can affect our lives. So I wanted to share something with you all today and I hope it’s useful for some of you as well as it has been for me.

You know most of us suppress our emotions in most of our relationships or situations in life to avoid friction/sadness. In most cases this happens when we don’t say NO for things. What we don’t realize is that suppressing emotions messes us up in the long run, because while suppression happens at a conscious level it eventually leads to repression which happens at a subconscious level. This leads to issues within our body due to energetic blockages happening within, thus causing illnesses. Stress is just a small example which we all are aware about and we all know the consequences of stress. So if you didn’t know, it’s proved long ago that:
  • Fear goes to the kidneys
  • Anger stores in the liver
  • Grief lives in the lungs (relate it to anxiety attacks which don’t let you breathe)

So learn to say NO for your betterment which will avoid such issues, and also introspect and see if you are already fighting those demons and need to get rid of them. As mothers we face it even more for various reasons, especially a lot of us who are juggling life and work and kids and family. Emotionally a lot of us are a mess and I hope that reading this can help some of us be more aware to deal with emotions that we can tackle and do away with than suppress.

📸 : Abhijeet - Check out his fabulous work on @abys.angle

This was my first attempt with the amazing Abhijeet to create my version of Abstract Expressionism and he has done a fab fab job. Also my dearest husband Prateek was the best support crew we could have. Hope you liked our attempt to create the image!

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