Friday, December 6, 2019

The Magic of Fiama Scents – Body washes with Touch Activated Fragrance!

The secret to healthy skin is moisture and hydration, and the secret to a happy you is a fresh and fragrant smelling you through the day! Well just imagine a body wash that not only provides nourishment to the largest organ of your body, but is also crafted with a fragrance encapsulation technology that enables fragrance release with a slight rub on the skin for as long as 8 hours after a bath - well that is the magic of Fiama Scents – Body washes with Touch Activated Fragrance, that I have recently come across. I am sure you too haven't come across anything like this!

A first of its kind innovation, with this launch, ITC Fiama makes a game-changing move in the Personal Care space. The breakthrough fragrance encapsulation technology enables long lasting fragrance delivery through skin friendly micro fragrance capsules (invisible to the naked eye), which burst when you touch your skin or lightly rub it. The micro fragrance capsules are eco-friendly as well. Developed through extensive research at ITC’s Life Sciences and Technology Centre, Fiama Scents unveiled two variants:
  • Mimosa & Neroli - which I got in the regular size 
  • Juniper Berries & Geranium - which I got in the travel size

Mimosa & Neroli

India is a tropical country and long lasting freshness is key due to out humidity levels especially in Mumbai. Fresh, fun and fragrant, the Mimosa & Neroli variant is just that and is perfect for everyday use. I love the lather, the skin conditioners keep my skin moisturised all day and the fragrance keeps me happy and my mod uplifted through the day. Neroli oil comes from the bitter orange flower and stimulates skin cells to regenerate, giving it anti-scarring properties which makes it a fantastic ingredient that works on stretch marks, age spots and scars. Mimosa is known for freshening up dull skin and has anti inflammatory properties, along with having a nice floral cum musty fragrance. My bath time has definitely become a whole new skin care cum sensorial experience!

Juniper Berries & Geranium

I am glad that I can now take this experience with me even when I travel, and the travel pack of Fiama Scents is perfect to fit into any bag of mine. It also comes with a free loofah. With then Juniper Berries & Geranium variant, one can now indulge in a fun and foamy bathing experience with the exotic fragrances of juniper berries and geranium flowers. Juniper Berries have antimicrobial properties and are a natural skin toner. Geranium effectively eliminates dead cells, tightens the skin, and promotes regeneration of new skin. So in this way, this variant takes total care of your skin and it's moisture levels while you expose yourself to different places and weather. Doesn't it all just sound so fantastic?

You should also know these 😊

Product Packaging - The flip top packaging prevents any leakages. Even the fragrance does not escape.

Available at: Fiama Scents is available at leading retail stores and e-commerce portals in India. 

A Fiama bath is definitely the best way for me currently to say "Good morning!!", and if you guys try it out on my recommendation, then definitely let me know your experience! 💛💜

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