Thursday, July 5, 2018

Millennials - The Global Citizens of Today!

"If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney

Millenials today bring what is most needed to this world - Positivity! They have grown up in a time of rapid change and have seen dreams turn to reality - from the telephone to the smartphone, internet to 4G, from domestic travel to the opening up of international air travel, from chequebooks to ATM cards and so much more. They have seen the September 11 attacks, to the financial bust to the Gulf War. They have seen gay marriage come into play and healthcare that can baffle anyone. All of these have made all these Millennials born between 1981 and 1997, far more open and accepting to what life throws at them and they have accepted it with Positivity to move forward to build a better world. These are the people who think, live and breathe as global citizens and have the most unique experiences to share. I am one such Millennial!

Thanks to Western Union and Indiblogger, I was recently invited to attend the #WUMillennial Round Table 2018 and it was definitely one of the most interesting and insightful panels that I have attended in the recent past.

Sohini Rajola, Regional VP South Asia & Indo-China, Western Union started the session with why we were there that day - the 2017 Western Union Global Study “Globalization: A World View of the Future”. For this survey, the interviewed native, first-generation, and foreign-born people between the ages of 20-36 in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. She told us the reason Western Union chose to study Millennials in India is because 34% of the population here comprises of Millennials which makes them one of the most significant cohorts of future leaders and game changers, and they also believe that creating a world without borders is a shared responsibility. The session then progressed to a Round Table what was anchored by Ankit Vengurlekar, Editor In Chief - and consisted of some amazing Millennials like Pooja Dhingra, Founder and Chef - Le 15 Patisserie, Karishma Mehta, Founder - Humans of Bombay, Himanshu Sehgal, Founder of the popular blog My Yellow Plate and Siddharth Shahani, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Indian School of Design & Innovation. They spoke about being entrepreneurs, their dreams, challenges, and on being divided yet united in today’s world. One thing that everyone spoke of - the impact of social media!

They spoke about how they have been influenced by businesses/inspirations existing globally to take up businesses and projects that seemed impossible on Indian soils initially but they made it happen. They spoke about how their readers, and supporters have connected with them from all over the world and made contributions. Whether it was appreciation or moral support or monetary contributions, their businesses have seen no borders. 'Unity in Diversity' holds utmost truth for Millennials like me i.e. Indians who believe in being a Global Citizen, and you have seen me in the 9 years of my blogging journey, so I am sure you understand why this conversation totally resonated with me. The belief in a world of collaboration, not restricted by geographical borders, is definitely the way to the future! The concept of belonging to one individual country is definitely outdated.

I hope to see such inspiring individuals and people like me be able to give back more to society so that we all can rightfully be Global Citizens some day! Brands like Western Union are not only making the transfer of money easy across borders thus making it a #BorderlessWorld, but are also being really helpful in educating our society with the efforts that they are putting in to empower the masses and help the Millennials with their initiatives, for them to shape the world for themselves and others.

Also sharing with you some key findings from the survey:

  • Most millennials see themselves as global citizens rather than the citizen of any one country.
  • Majority millennials view connection as a very critical step for achieving global citizenship, be it staying connected to global news via social media, connecting with people from different countries and cultures, travelling to new destinations, and interacting with people that are different from how they are, is the way of building a world for the future.
  • Approximately 90% agree that collaboration is key. They believe countries need to collaborate, rather than compete for a better global future.
  • 8 in 10 agree that the thought of a future with limitless movement around the world empowers them.
  • Most believe that the chance to live and work in other countries will unlock better job and education opportunities.
  • More than two thirds believe that they as individuals will shape the future, rather than governments.
  • Those surveyed identified that respect for diversity, embracing other cultures, and adaptability would be the most important traits of a global citizen.
  • More than 8 in 10 acknowledged that that social media has played a significant role in uniting the world, promoting transparency and contributing to greater community unity.

What do you think? Isn't the future with newer and fresher perspectives definitely going to be exciting?!

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