Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Shri Ram Universal School launches at New Cuffe Parade by Lodha

Having a child is definitely the most important decision in our lives, but the next most important decision regarding them is choosing a school to eventually enrol them in. This decision is really vital as a lot of things depend on it, mainly their future! One wrong choice and it could mean a lot of turmoil, so choosing a school wisely is a decision that needs a lot of time and effort and sound thinking. For me personally, legacy plays a huge role in decision making. Other than this, other vital pointers would be:
  1. Safety
  2. Board and Curriculum
  3. Location
  4. Extra-curricular Activities
  5. Parent Involvement
These 5 together are what make or break my decision regarding a school I should enrol my daughter in, but your list may increase or decrease depending on your personal preferences.

However, if you are planning on living in the swankiest new suburb in town which is New Cuffe Parade, then your worries can be laid to rest. The Lodha Group understands the value of great education, and it is clearly evident with the announcement of the alliance of their newest project New Cuffe Parade with The Shri Ram Universal School. The Shri Ram Schools, in Delhi and Gurugram are some of the most renowned schools in India. Their quality of education and child-centric innovative methods of imparting value-based education is what makes them stand apart. To know more about this alliance, head to my blog post on the World Of Moms blog -

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