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The Netflix Stream Team Life! #StreamTeam

We've all heard about Netflix, the world's leading internet entertainment service with over 117 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 125 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including original series, documentaries and feature films. Well this global giant has a secret army of some of the most amazing storytellers in the world, to be precise 15 people in every country that they provide their services. It's called the Stream Team, and I used to always think how lucky the people were to be a part of this exclusive collaboration - some of whom I followed for their recommendations. Until one day when I opened my emails in the morning, and I saw an email from the Netflix Team. For a minute I thought it was one of their monthly emailers, until I reread the subject line - "Netflix Stream Team 2017: You In Ritcha?", and then I realized that it was an invite to be a part of the exclusive Stream Team that they were now creating in India. I was being invited to be a part of it along with my family because the stories I tell and the way I tell them had caught their eye! Definitely one of the best moments in my blogging career!

For starters, to welcome the #StreamTeam members there was a fun house warming party where I met the Netflix Global Team and other key Influencers of the Netflix Stream Team India. If you follow me on my social media, you must have surely seen my updates. Never the less, here's a quick look at the fun evening!

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And then the Netflix team played the role of my secret Santa and sent in this a huge goodie box on Christmas. Can't you tell Aryaa's excitement on seeing the box! The Netflix Welcome Kit contained a year long Netflix Subscription pass, a 32GB iPad, a bluetooth speaker, a coffee mug, a cushion, a travel backpack, a diary, a hoodie, a universal converter and a sipper. Everything that me and my family need to #NetflixandChill! ๐Ÿ˜Š

I love sitting down with my coffee and watching my favourite show which at the moment is 'The Crown'! For you to know, I am a sucker for historical dramas. Why I enjoy my experience even more is because of that little white Bluetooth speaker that you see placed on the table, and believe me it packs in quite a punch!

Catching up on movies that I have missed is also what I am up to these days. Netflix a great variety to choose from, be it regional or international.

Aryaa loves Netflix too. Peppa Pig has been her favourite for a while and here she gets all the seasons together. While her screen time on her own is limited, with the great choices available on Netflix for kids, it makes for some great bonding sessions for her and me. Aryaa and me love the Llama Llama series of books and when Netflix launched it in January as one of their Original series, and sent us a super cool surprise box to announce that too, we obviously were overjoyed! Currently we are bingeing on Season 1 and this also gives us some great mommy-daughter time together. On weekends even PS joins us as we Netflix and binge! As parents, we love the variety of content that Netflix has for children and also that it is commercial free.

As a family we love travelling, which you all know. So the travel backpack makes it really easy to carry all that we need when we are travelling, and that way we stay on track with what we are watching on Netflix. The backpack is compact and just right sized to carry all the essentials!

And talking about travel, in case you are unsure about good connectivity where you are going or are getting on to a flight, do not worry about missing out on your favourite Netflix shows while you are on-the-go. All you have to do is click on the download icon next to the show or movie of your choice, and continue bingeing offline! I have downloaded loads of stuff so that I watch uninterrupted!

While this was all about the Welcome Kit and how slowly and steadily Netflix is making a way into our lives and how we are making time for it, let me tell you how my being part of the Netflix Stream Team will benefit you! As a Stream Team member I have one-of-a-kind access to
  • Preview Netflix originals and review them, and accordingly suggest them to you
  • Give you alerts on new and upcoming shows that you should watch
  • Share loads of exclusive fun Netflix content with you that would make for interesting reads
  • Share mine as well as your feedback with the Netflix India team. So feel free to let me know any suggestions that you have for Netflix
  • Loads of goodies and surprises, so stay tuned!

Try out Netflix free for a month - https://goo.gl/8xkMfD and I am sure you will sign up post that for a yearly subscription! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do not forget to share your suggestions with me!

I must admit that I was never an avid TV watcher, and reading and writing is what I spent most of my time on. But in the last few months I must thank Netflix for being the breather in my life and taking my mind off a lot of other things and help me relax. Moving in with Netflix has been a good decision! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Pictures Credit: Ridge Fernandes

Location Credit : Pepperfry Studio Vashi

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  1. This is really cool stuff. I enjoy watching Netflix.

  2. I like to watch Netflix. Very good post and little one looks superb.

  3. I love Netflix.. but it stopped working on our Micromax tv. Convinced my husband to shift to airtel set top box because I'm missing Netflix so much

    You look so comfy there

  4. I enjoy watching Netflix. Great post.

  5. Love watching netflix series... Catching up with them is my fav pass time


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