Friday, December 9, 2016

Vivo V5 - Redefining the new selfie trend!

Change is the law of life and we have to keep adapting to change. When blogging went the professional route, I remember there used to be professional photographers at events who were specially appointed by the event organizers to make sure we got good pictures to post on our social platforms. With evolving times, a lot has changed in terms of technology as well as the trends. Now we are responsible for getting most of our pictures, so nearly everybody has an advanced phone with really good camera specifications, and with the new craze of selfies taking over, selfies have become mandatory. Since I attend a lot of events, sometimes the light setup at events is not phone camera friendly. At times, when we have to do live updates from the events it gets difficult to get a clear and well lit picture. But as I said earlier, change is constant and today where everyone is coming up with new solutions to make life more technologically advanced and easy, I realized that this problem of mine has already been solved. With every new phone launched in the market, the camera specifications are getting better and better to give us the professional picture look via the phone camera itself. To my rescue, came the Vivo V5 perfect selfie phone, which is the first ever phone to have a 20 Megapixel front camera with the Moonlight Feature. 

It is commendable to see how they are trying to fit in some of the best technology into the phone so that the phone camera is able to capture the powerful high resolution images featuring extraordinary clarity and vivid natural colors with every selfie, so that we always look our best irrespective of whatever be the lighting conditions or the background. The best part about the Moonlight Selfie is that it creates the lighting effects of a professional photography studio, especially in low light situations, which is something very necessary and useful for me as a Fashion Blogger.

The phone has a sleek ultra-slim frame featuring Corning® Gorilla® 2.5D curved glass, and a metallic back cover making the phone an absolute beauty. It comes in 2 colours - Crown Gold and Grey, and has a battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Weighs only a 154 grams which makes it super light. It supports 2 SIM cards thus making it convenient for those who use 2 phones. A 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM also lets me do all my picture and video clicking and editing while simultaneously running various other apps without any lag. Especially the Smart Split feature makes multi-tasking super simple. In case you get a Whatsapp message while you are watching a video, you just need to click once to split the screen in two, and then you can reply to the message in one half while continuing to watch your video in the other. This feature actually helps a lot!

Most of us have a good back camera in our phones, but since the selfie trend has gone so viral it is good to see phone companies dedicating persistent effort to create the best smartphone photography experience for us even via the front camera. Vivo V5's front camera also has the Face Beauty Mode 6.0 which beautifies your picture according to the light that will suit your skin. It knows the beauty secret to make you look flawless and beautiful in the most natural manner possible. The presence of the SONY IMX376 Image Sensor plays a huge role in the way the pictures turn out from this phone. That along with a 20-megapixel front camera and a 13-megapixel rear camera, makes me look picture-perfect every time I take a picture at events. 

So once again here is another phone that I have fallen in love with after experiencing the amazing picture quality and convenience that it gives me, thus making it very easy for me to be my own professional photographer and get the Perfect Selfie. The #VivoV5 is priced at INR 17,980/-, and you can pick it up from Amazon - or Flipkart -

You must definitely give it a try!

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