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Taste bud adventure with Terra Chips! #TERRAadventures Recipe Time!

Whenever I am hosting a party at my place, the first things that I include in my food menu are chips, dips and salads, because they are easy to munch and easy to prep up for parties. Overtime, the choices of my chips and salads have become nutritious. Now you must be wondering that I am saying chips but saying nutritious, so let me quickly tell you about my latest discovery 'Terra Chips' - chips made from a diverse range of root vegetables that are delicious, crunchy and high quality. They use hand picked vegetables like Yuca, Parsnip, Naturally Blue Potato, Ruby Dipped Vegetables, Sweet Potato, Batata, Taro which are naturally colorful and give an exotic look to the chips. Different colours, textures and tastes come together to give you a unique healthy snacking experience.

The innovative idea to make chips using vegetables came to two New York chefs, Dana Sinkler and Alex Dzieduszycki, who left their jobs at four-star Manhattan restaurants to start their own catering business which with time grew big and got them catering deals at some elite parties. From there, their business focus shifted to the bar, where the usual routine of people was to order some drinks and appetizers to nibble on. This is when they had the brainwave to create a versatile dish that could be enjoyed as a flavorful snack at the bar, while also functioning as a eye catching and delicious accompaniment to any meal, and this is how Terra Chips was born.

Terra Chips has introduced two varieties of chips wherein 3 variants are Exotic Vegetable Chips and 3 variants are Sweet Potato Chips. I was amazed to see how they have come with so many different flavors using root vegetables that are not easily available in the market. I ordered the chips off Amazon after learning about it from friends. When the first packs were delivered to me, the colours of the chip did make me feel apprehensive but when I tasted them, I was absolutely delighted by the taste. Since the chips are made of vegetables that are nutritious and since we don't eat most of them other than carrot and beet in our regular meals, it is a good way to include it into our meals or snacks once in a while. For those who love eating junk and want to go the nutritious way I highly recommend Terra Chips to them.

Some of the flavours that I got my hands on as part of the Exotic Vegetable Chips pack were Mediterranean - Herbs and A Hint of Lemon, Blues - Sea Salt and Original - Sea Salt.

Mediterranean - Herbs and A Hint of Lemon
This is made up of  Batata(Boniato or Cuban Sweet Potato), Parsnip, Beetroot, Sweet Potato, Taro(Arbi in India) and Yuca(Tapioca). As soon as you open the packet there is a lovely aroma of herbs and when you put some in your mouth, you can feel the burst of flavours coming from the mix of vegetables, herbs and a tinge of lemon. The chips are pretty to look at, lightweight and there is a feeling of freshness in every bite. Get it here - Amazon

Blues - Sea Salt
I had no clue that something called the Naturally Blue Potato ever existed. I first came to know about them when I researched about Terra Chips. The Naturally Blue Potato is a vibrant bluish-purple in colour, with a slightly nutty flavor. Once in the chip format they taste more or less like your regular chips but then the colour, exoticism and nutritional advantage has made me a loyalist to this variant. Get it here - Amazon

Original - Sea Salt
Now the composition of vegetables for this is exactly the same as the 'Mediterranean - Herbs and A Hint of Lemon' variant but it does not contain herbs and lemon. What I loved about it though is the fact that here you can taste the original flavours of the vegetables which honestly you must have never experienced earlier in your life since we Indians don't cook any food without any spices and herbs. Get it here - Amazon

Highlight - All the offerings of Terra Chips are real vegetable chips and are gluten free, contain only sea salt and are non GMO - which means none of the vegetables are genetically modified. The packaging is high quality and the colour black spells luxury.

Pricing - They are a little steep in their pricing at INR 395/- for 141 gms but then for something so exotic, its not a high price to  pay.

You can try different salad recipes using these chips and since I am fond of eggs, I made a delicious egg salad and garnished it with Terra Chips. You can also place the salad on the chips as finger food. Here is the quick recipe for you!

Green Onion Egg Salad with Terra Chips

8 boiled eggs
1/2 cup of mayonnaise
1 tsp yellow mustard
1/4 cup green onions - chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/4 tsp paprika

1. Finely chop the boiled eggs.
2. Take a bowl and add all the ingredients - chopped eggs, mayonnaise, mustard and onions and mix them.
3. Once they are mixed add salt, pepper and paprika and stir the mixture again.
4. Serve it with Terra Chips.

Kick off your evening of gourmet snacking with these!

I hope you are going to log onto Amazon and get yourself a couple of packs to try and if you do try my recipe, do let me know how you found it! :)

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