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OPPO F1s - The Real Selfie Expert!

I remember my first attempt at clicking a selfie with my digicam a few years ago and what an effort that used to be! At the end of it you would never even know if you would get what you wanted, it was always a process of trial and error. Fast forward to 2016 where 'Selfies' are the norm of the day and digicams are nowhere in the picture(I don't see them anywhere!), it is just the generation of the so called 'Selfie Phones'! OPPO who is focusing on creating its image as the 'Selfie Expert' brand, launched their new F1s Selfie Expert phone in Mumbai last week amongst much fanfare and I was one of the few lucky ones to get it before it hit the market. I have been testing it ever since and the device has taken me by complete surprise because while everyone makes tall claims, there are very few that actually 'Walk the Talk'! To make you guys see what I am talking about, I have compared the phone with the Samsung A7 and the iPhone 6 with respect to camera, so read on.

Whenever I buy a new phone, the camera capabilities are a priority because I cannot juggle between a phone and camera all the time. I need my device to be serving all my purposes and have never minded even paying a price for it. The OPPO F1s has a 16 megapixel front camera with the Beautify 4.0 feature, that lets you take the most flawless selfies where you reduce blemishes and select the skin tone ranging from fair to rosy. Even without the Beauty feature, the pictures are really clear. The rear camera at 13 megapixel auto focuses quickly and captures shots good enough to be nearly at par with the front camera. 

The F1s sports a 5.5-inch screen, an Octa-core processor, backed with 3 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, 3075 mAh whole day use battery, 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen, a triple-slot card tray that has space for two Nano 4G SIM cards and an SD card to expand the storage space by up to 128 GB, and and an industry leading 0.22s fingerprint reader. The scratch guard comes fitted from the factory and a transparent silicone cover is also a part of the extras that come with the phone, the others being the charger and the handsfree. It comes in two colours - champagne gold and silver, weighs 160 grams and has a sleek metallic body. All this at an absolutely pocket friendly price of INR 17,990/-. I also like the fact that it looks a lot like the iPhone 6 Plus not because I like that phone but because I like how it looks :-)

Now let's get started with the comparisons so that you see exactly what I mean by the camera superiority of the OPPO F1s.

Samsung A7 v/s OPPO F1s
 For this comparison, all the pictures are taken in normal daylight on a rainy day.

Selfie - Front Camera
I have used the Selfie mode of the Samsung A7 which has beautification features and I have used the Beauty feature of the OPPO F1s. The OPPO F1s is clearly the winner here in terms of brightness, clarity, colour and picture quality. While the OPPO F1s has a 16 megapixel front camera, point to be noted is that the Samsung A7 is that it only has a 5 megapixel front camera which definitely is not what people like me are currently looking for, and hence needs to upgrade this feature of theirs if they want to survive the competition.

Rear Camera
The rear cameras of both the phones have the same 13 megapixel resolution but despite being the same resolution, once again the difference is very clear and the OPPO F1s wins in terms of brightness, clarity, colour and picture quality. 

Look and Feel

The width of both the phones in nearly the same and so is the size, the only difference being the weight where the Samsung A7 weighs a 169 gms which makes barely any difference. The battery of the Samsung A7 has a slightly higher capacity of 3300 mAh but it also comes for a higher price of INR 26,900/-. When it comes to choosing between both these Android phones, going with the OPPO F1s is a no brainer for features and price.

iPhone 6 v/s OPPO F1s
 For this comparison, all the pictures are taken after sunset with hardly any supporting light.

Selfie - Front Camera
Friends and family who own the iPhone 6 keep raving about its camera and I was shocked when I saw the results of the comparison. Both these selfies were taken simultaneously and you can see how grainy the iPhone 6 version is. In both these selfies, I did not use the screen flash, yet you can see how clear the OPPO F1s version is. The iPhone camera is 8 megapixel but yet I was expecting the raved about iSight technology to weave its magic rather than give me such grainy pictures!

Rear Camera
I used the flash for both these pictures. In the iPhone capture, my my skin tone changes completely and the flash also brightens up the centre a lot, whereas in the OPPO F1s capture, my skin tone is maintained, there is an evenness in the brightness and the picture is clearer. Any guesses who the winner here is? ;-)

Look and Feel
The OPPO F1s is bigger in size, thicker in width and heavier than the iPhone 6, but the look and feel of the OPPO F1s is very very similar to the iPhone 6. If you kept the iPhone 6 Plus next to the OPPO F1s, you would actually get confused! Price wise we all know that the iPhone 6 is a price apart :-)

OPPO F1s Rear Camera long distance shot
You have already seen the selfies and the close rear camera shots, so here is one long distance shot taken by the rear camera during the monsoons and it all looks so pretty! This is the gorgeous view from my parents house :-)

Final Verdict!
If you are looking for a phone that makes you a Selfie Expert, takes great pictures of you and for you, looks sleek and comes at a fantastic price point, then you have to get your hands on the OPPO F1s. You did see in my previous post how all the celebrities went crazy with the OPPO F1s. Trust me it will make you fall in love with yourself all over again too with all the flawless selfies that it will help you take! :)

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  1. Wow.... Looks like a great phone... Thnx for the review.... Keep rocking #muchlove xoxoxoxo

  2. This phone is really good and comfort

  3. i have become fascinated towards this set. i am going t buy this. thanks for the review.


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