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5 awesome ideas to cheer up your toddlers when they are moody!

All of us have mood swings, and it is no different for kids. In fact most kids are moody and difficult, so if you have one that is always happy go lucky then you are a lucky parent. Moodiness comes into play in most cases when they are unable to express themselves, or they want to do something that adults do and are not allowed. This results in disappointment and frustration which then makes them moody. My little one is more of the happy go lucky kinds. But she also has her moody days, and trust me for a parent who doesn't face it much, that gets really difficult to handle because different things please her every time and so there is no one formula that I can use. The most important tip that I give myself is not to get upset or over react, because that might make Aryaa more upset. Over time, I have worked out a couple of things that work for my 2 year old and I alternate between them or use a mix of them to cheer her up. These are exactly the ideas that I am going to share with you today!

1. Making Fruit Kebabs
Pic Source: Pinterest

Aryaa believes that she too can cook. So a lot of times her moodiness used to come into play when I used to shun her out of the kitchen when I was cooking. I would give her toys and all to play with, but nothing helped. Finally I started designing dishes that she could create and we came up with a couple, with the Fruit Kebabs being her favourite. I chop and give her 4 to 5 kinds of fruits along with kebab sticks, which she then assembles together. She then loves to feed them to me like I feed her, thinking she is as old as mummy and can do the same :-)

2. Going for a swim

Mornings can be a grumpy time for my daughter. Especially when I wake her up earlier than her usual time. On such days, I take her swimming which she loves! Show her the swimming tube/float and her swimsuit and her face lights up. Even more so when she sees the water, and she can't wait to jump in. It is one of those things that she never gets enough of how much ever time we spend in the water.

3. Play area time
Pic Source: Funky Monkey Facebook Page

Sometimes a child does not want to play at home. They usually have their regular routine like going to the garden or riding their bikes, but sometimes they just want to do something different. So on those days, I take her to an indoor play area at a mall or to specialized playing areas, like Funky Monkey, that have sprung up all over the city. These places have slides, and soft play equipment like rides, trampolines and more that are unique, colourful and stimulating, which automatically cheer her up. For an hour or so there is no stopping her while we too have fun with her.

4. Music and Dance

Music is a soother for most people especially kids. Aryaa loves to dance and when in a bad mood, if I switch on her favourite songs, she instantly takes to the floor. Once she starts dancing, it doesn't take much time for the whole family to get onto the dance floor with her, and it not only uplifts her mood but everyone else's as well. You did see her moves in the video above ;-)

5. Dunkin Donuts

Finally when nothing else works, we run over to Dunkin Donuts, and this has always worked. It's fun to watch her gobble down the donuts the minute she sees the box, chocolate et all over her face! ;-) Just INR 199/- for a box of 6 which makes it a pocket friendly option too! I love their new video - Mom​ ​Playtime

There is a lot more you can do, but these ideas work for my toddler the best! Do try them for your kid in case you need new ideas and haven't used any of these. Also do drop in your suggestions as I would also love to try new ideas for Aryaa! :-)

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