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How to pick the right T-shirt for a guy

Most men I know live in their T-shirts. It is the staple of every man's wardrobe. T-shirts have slowly and steadily made their way into work wardrobes as well. Worn just as they are or styled with shirts or jackets, it is the most versatile item a man owns. So when I have to choose between buying a shirt or a T-shirt for Prateek, or the other male members of my family, most of the times I tend to pick up a T-shirt. Buying a T-shirt can be a really simple process if you follow some simple key steps:

1. Know The Right Size
It is very important to know the right size that you have to buy. If you know the shirt size then it can be converted into the t-shirt size easily. Most brands have 38 as a Small, 40 as a Medium and 42 as a Large and so on. Knowing the size is essential because neither do you want the guy to look like he is wearing a tent or buy something that makes him feel like he is gasping for air. If the guy is going along with you it's easier incase you don't know the size. A right size is one where the seams come on the edge of the shoulder and not hang down. If you are buying sports wear made from stretchy material, knowing the size is especially very important. Please do not look at the salesman in the store and say that the guy looks like him, or is his size to determine the size to buy because 8 out of 10 times you will land up coming back to exchange the T-shirt :)

2. Decide The Fit
Every guy has his personal preference when it comes to T-shirts. Some like to wear it a little loose whereas some like the snug fits. Some like the sleeves short and some like it longer. Classic fits are the common choice for everyday wear for most men, so if you do not know the preference, this would be the safest fit to pick up. As far as the length is concerned, the perfect length is where the t-shirt falls just below the guy's hips.

3. The Neck Line
You can choose between a crew neck(round neck), a v-neck, a collar neck, or a Henley T-shirt. If the person you are buying for is small shouldered or chested, the crew neck is a better option as it helps the person to appear broader. V-necks give the illusion of longer necks thus making shorter people look taller as well as making larger men appear slimmer. Collar necklines are more for those who wish to wear their T-shirts more formally or are of a senior age. Henley T-shirts are for those who like to wear fitted T-shirts and have an athletic body. This style is a collarless T-shirt having 2 to 5 buttons and looks best in its full sleeves version. There are other necklines too but its better you stick to these basics.

4. Choice of material
Cotton, cotton blends or polyester are the most common materials used for T-shirts. Pure cotton is most comfortable and makes guys sweat less but it also creases easily. Cotton blends are a lot like cotton T-shirts but the mix with spandex or polyester reduces creasing. Polyester is light and best for sports. Prices also are usually the highest for pure cotton t-shirts and then cheaper for blends.

Once you have the answers to the above 4 points all you need to decide is the colour, budget and accordingly the brand. Absolutely simple isn't it! :) Some of my favourite brands when it comes to mens T-shirts are Zara, Jack & Jones, Pepe and UCB. The Spring-Summer 2015 collections of most brands are out in the stores now and it would be the right time for you to go and shop for the men in your life! 

In case you have any queries on picking up a T-shirt for the men in your life, then just drop me a mail or your comment below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

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  3. I really like this post. I usually pick up t-shirts for the mens section, because I really love the quality and fit. I'll definitely keep these tips in mind the next time I go shopping. :D


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