Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Victorinox marks 130 years with its 'Made to last' watch - I.N.O.X.

The 130th anniversary of Victorinox definitely deserves a special celebration, and they know it better than no one. So to celebrate it, they launched a very very special watch - I.N.O.X - a timepiece that echoes the unique values of Victorinox’s signature product, the Swiss Army knife: authentic, robust and reliable in all conditions thus making it a lasting product that pledges quality. The watch commemorates linking of two different crafts by a single philosophy: respect for Swiss know-how and its peerless standards of quality. The watch is named I.N.O.X. as a tribute to the history of Victorinox, because ‘Inox' in French means ‘stainless steel’, an early 20th century invention that was responsible for the development and success of the Swiss Army Knife.

Let's look at why the I.N.O.X is a 'Made to last' watch. To start with, the watch has been designed to withstand unusual levels of stress and has passed 130 brutal strength tests with flying colours. Further, the watch is made of solid steel. The watch’s case has been stamped and machined in the metal, creating a protective envelope of unmatchable strength. The dial is a single sealed piece and the indexes are not applied in the usual manner but stamped. The axis and the attachment of the hands are reinforced. The horns are protected against warping and solidified by a crossbar. The crown, too, is protected, as is the crystal by the slightly elevated bezel. Finally, its been reinforced with the original 'bumper' - a removable bumper protector composed of nylon and silicone that matches perfectly with the crown, the case and the back, without disturbing legibility. While being useful and functional, the protector gives the I.N.O.X. its unique look.

Designed to withstand unusual vibration, shock and temperature changes, it has been reinforced well beyond the standards of a conventional timepiece. Hence the I.N.O.X. can resist a 10-meter drop onto a concrete surface, have a 64-ton tank drive over it, is guaranteed to maintain a perfect seal underwater to a depth of 200 meters. and resist two hours in a washing machine as well as a sandstorm. It can defy variations in temperature from -51° C to +71 ° C and 12G forces of acceleration and deceleration. I.N.O.X. has also been subjected to attack by corrosive products such as gasoline, solvents, oils, cleaning products and insecticides.

Despite the I.N.O.X. being made to last with exceptionally strong characteristics, it still remains a harmoniously designed timepiece - compact and solid yet sleek. The steel has been subtly sculpted and polished to catch the light.

The 2014 collection comes not only in black but also in khaki green and navy blue and all versions are equipped with a Swiss made Ronda quartz movement.

After knowing so much about the I.N.O.X., I have come to a conclusion - We all want a precious companionship to last forever and with these qualities the I.N.O.X. is definitely a perfect “companion for life.”

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