Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Wine trail by Four Seasons

Wine has lately become my most preferred drink, and catching up with friends over a glass of wine to unwind has been  my ideal way to de-stress. Also, sipping on wine along with my meals is something that I enjoy and have developed quite a liking for. What intrigues me a lot is the pairing of food with wine which I think is more of an art than science. So when an invite for the Four Seasons Wine Trail at Veda came to me, the thought of understanding the pairing of wine and food together to enhance a dining experience tempted me to say YES and I am glad I did! :)

Awesome wine, fabulously delicious food and some great learnings from the best in the wine industry made the afternoon an unforgettable one. The ambience of Veda was totally Rohit Bal style - flamboyant, mystic yet blingy and totally in sync for the mood of the event.

Clive Castellino, our wine connoisseur took us through the afternoon keeping us intrigued with the process of wine making to how to store it, to the process of drinking it and how to pair it with food. The most important thing that he said is that food should be paired in such a way with wine that it should never overpower the taste of the wine and vice-versa.

We tasted 4 varieties of wine that afternoon which included the whites, reds and the roses. Sadly due to the migraine issue that I suffer from, reds are a strict no no for me but that still didn't stop me from just tickling my tongue with it for a brief moment ;)

We have always known more about how to pair Continental and European food with wine hence an afternoon learning how Indian food can be paired with wine was the highlight!

Next time you go wine drinking remember the 4S's i.e. See, Swirl(to open up the aroma), Smell, Sip(roll it in your mouth and then swallow) to drink wine the right way.

Thank you Four Seasons and Veda for the experience and I would also like to thank Akshay Gopal from Ginger Claps for the invite as it was a well spent afternoon learning new things and meeting new people! :)

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