Friday, May 20, 2011

Husband Calling!

I know its been forever since I did a blog post(2 months does seem like forever), but there's been so much happening that I just couldn't manage to put up anything. I'm sorry about the break but what I have been doing is that I've been making a note of all that I want to post and clicking snaps too, so keep watching the blog for a lot of activity coming up! :) :)

Well to kickstart the day, I'm soo excited about this blog post :D It is going to be the first ever GUEST POST on the blog and who better to kick it off with than my HUSBAND!!! :) This is what PS(thats what I will call him on the blog) has to say :)

Hi all, this is the husband here J
They say life changes after marriage and yes it has.. While I don’t blog, I am married to a blogger and suddenly I have this urge to share a few changes in MY life since I have been married to Ritcha – there, do you see the change? ;)
Sense of style - Well for starters my sense of style has improved, my choice of colours has broadened (I am able to differentiate between turquoise and sea blue for instance) etc etc … Things that one should expect to happen when you marry someone with a natural sense of style.
Shopping escapades – While we do shop on each and every trip, one trip that was particularly awesome was our trip to Bangkok in March to shop for the label. I have never burnt so many calories over a weekend ever in my life (no wonder my wife stays thin, you see she shops a lot). We walked and shopped, and then shopped and walked, in short we shopped and shopped. What gave me a high was the overwhelming response to the collection (FYI some of the designs were chosen by me). I am eagerly looking forward to our next trip, and the fact that the wife is gonna be sponsoring everything (including my shopping) is an added bonus for these trips.
Noticing people’s dressing sense – Now this is latest development I have witnessed.  As a shoe person, I have always noticed shoes that guys wear (my favorites being the army style boots). By offering advice to my wife on some days on which pair of shoes will go with her dress (we have to choose from anywhere between 5 to 50 possible options), I have developed a knack for womens shoes as well. Now I notice women’s shoes also and sometimes conclude that the SHOE does not go with their DRESS :O.

Photographic skills – We are always loaded and ready to shoot, wherever whenever. And God forbid if I forget our camera :O, there is always the phone camera to save my ass for the day – Phew!. So we shoot, edit and post on a regular basis. Check out the posts on stylepile for all my neat handwork(quite a few).  In case you haven’t seen them here, then wait for a while, I will pester her to post them here as well ASAP.
Before I end, I would like to share a practical piece of advice which has been handed out to me. Like most Indian husbands (who are looked after well by their wives), I have also put on a bit of weight. So while wearing my Tee’s, my wife has taught me to stretch it from the inside to prevent it from looking tight or body hugging. The process is very simple - before wearing it put your hands inside the Tee, and give it two to three stretches in opposite directions horizontally. Trust me it makes quite a difference.

So till I get the urge to blog again – Bye Bye Folks!

PS - I love you!! :D


  1. I loved this post! It made me smile! Please have your Hubby blog again sometime!


  2. Ritcha
    Along with the photography for your blog, maybe you should hand the reigns of the blog to Prateek as well. You can do the shopping and the modeling.. ;-)

  3. this is soo sweet!

    awesome post Ritcha... please give Prateek a hug from my side!...candid and lucid style!... I likes...he should write more pressures though! ;)

  4. You two look so stylish and sweet! Lovely :)

  5. Hi!
    What a lovely couple!
    I loved your blog and I'm following you!

    @ _Bruh_Correa

  6. You guys make a gorgeous couple! Good job on the post hubby!

  7. You two are SO adorable! Great post :)

  8. Good going Bro,I know and I can totally vouch for Ritcha bringing it some fashion sense into u!


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