Monday, January 17, 2011

Shoe Fetish! - French Connection Jermaine Platform Heeled Loafer

Having a fetish for shoes is not an uncommon issue anymore :). Millions of us women have zillions of shoes in our wardrobe and still can't stop buying more. So it isn't surprising at all that I have my eyes on something again :D

I have been wanting to get myself heeled loafers for a while now and these blue ones fit the bill more than my expectations.... I'm going to get my hands on these platform heeled loafers by French Connection with high stiletto heels very very soon!

Check these out on ASOS for 115 GBP.


  1. very true...a girl cannot have anough shoes!!
    those heeled loafers are fab!! i love loafers too...i have my eyes on a pair of flat brown loafers...and i'm going to own them soon :)

  2. very chic!...FOOTWEAR! such touchy topic...despite having soo many... I always end up cribbing not have the right ones for the right ocassion! lolzz...


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