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Making Learning Fun with Disney.BYJU'S Early Learn App

The last month has been one of the best months of my lockdown life. You ask why? Well because now, home schooling is a breeze for me, thanks to Disney.BYJU'S Early Learn app! I am so glad to have FINALLY found a solution that is helping me home school Aryaa in the best way possible and is also something that Aryaa is absolutely loving. So much so that her entire screen time is all about productive learning.

Yes, you read it right - Learning! But the fact is that she is having so much fun, and along with her, so am I. What I have for Aryaa is Disney.BYJU'S Early Learn app for Class 1 which brings together the first-of-its-kind integration of personalised, interactive programs, and fun learning.  It enables her to grasp fundamental concepts from lessons that feature her favourite Disney characters from Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Cars, Toy Story, and more, with ease. Her learning journey is now a productive blend of screen time and hands-on learning as she plays as well as learns, from the app. Over 1000s of animated videos, games, stories, and quizzes not only keep her engrossed but also ensures a comprehensive learning journey. And trust me, we are loving it!


The Disney.BYJU'S Early Learn kit includes a tablet, a board game, and the Osmo Kit. The Osmo Kit consists of a Reflector, a Base, a Starter Kit and Wizpens. Just mount the tab on the base and fit the reflector over the camera, and your kid is all set to start solving the digitally enabled worksheets.

The kit comes with a super cool, fun pop-up castle board game called BYJU'S Castle Quest. It contains Frozen-themed totems, a dice, and puzzle cards that need to be solved every time you land on a purple block on the castle path. A right answer means three steps forward and the wrong, two steps back. And to spark up the little creative minds and make the learning journey more colourful, there is a booklet of Disney character stickers for adorning their favourite accessories.

It also includes English and Maths workbooks that have digitally-enabled interactive worksheets. Also, it consists of a Starter Kit that Aryaa first practiced with, before starting with the workbooks. Additionally, it contains a set of 3 BYJU Wiz Pens, as it is a requisite for solving the worksheets and workbooks.

After we received the entire kit, my kid was assigned a personal mentor to help her understand how Disney.BYJU'S Early Learn program works in its entirety. Right from understanding the App, to its sections, and how as parents we can evaluate our child's progress and development with the app. Having a dedicated mentor for your child is the world's best feature, keeps my worries at bay! Now I am in constant touch with the mentor to discuss Aryaa's progress along with a Monthly Learning Plan at the start of every month with a day-wise study schedule to ensure that the kids do not overburden and tire themselves. I won't deny the fact that sometimes, Aryaa gets so excited that she is on the app for hours, but on a majority of the days, she follows the plan strictly.

Here is a page of this month's plan for you to understand what it looks like and what the schedule of the first 3 days of the week are. The plan is a healthy mix of Maths and English and is extremely detailed. Saturday and Sunday are days off since, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

With all these in place, while Aryaa is still learning the basic concepts of Maths and English, it is a delight to see that with BYJU’S, she does it in a fun and interactive way. I can see her becoming more curious and imaginative. The personalised learning pattern is building Aryaa’s conceptual foundation strong. What I love about the program is that it has planned modules with smart learning journeys that are based on personalized engine recommendations for what Aryaa should learn/solve next, based on her progress.

It also gives real-time feedback on digitally-enabled worksheets that she solves along with Jane, her cute little online friend. The best part is that she can celebrate all her victories and milestones with cool badges and stickers, that keep her super pumped to learn more!

With access to the Parent Zone, I get to know how Aryaa is developing her skill sets via videos,  and is gradually developing an interest in learning through games as well.

A lot of our learning time now is spent reading or watching stories that also helps us unwind. Nothing better than ending your day with Disney characters and their magical stories right?

Thanks to Disney.BYJU'S Early Learn App, home schooling is no more a nightmare and the last month has been the best month of home schooling for me. Also, Aryaa and I are spending more time together and bonding even better! What more does a mommy want right?

I would highly recommend Disney.BYJU'S Early Learn app for your kids studying from KG to Grade 3, as it makes students fall in love with learning. You can see not only how in love Aryaa is, but also her mommy!

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  1. The lockdown has certainly increased screentime for kids, but this looks interesting. Screentime is made productive and fun and learning is rolled into one. Will surely check out Byjus app.

  2. Wow Ritcha, in love with your page and this write up. How nicely you have described everything! We need something like this in today's time and who better than Byjus ! I happened to check their app and found it very comprehensive and engaging.

    1. Yes we love it! I couldn't have found anything better for Aryaa! :)

  3. Such lovely pictures. We have the Byju's high school pack. So helpful.
    This is perfect for younger kids. So many fun interactive stuff, kids won't even know they are studying. 👍

    1. Yes! Aryaa doesn't realize only coz she is enjoying every bit of it.


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