Friday, May 11, 2018

Easy hacks that make me a Smart Mom!

Who is a smart mom really? What qualities does she embody? If you ask me, a smart mom is an unstoppable force who powers through the day like it's no sweat (when in reality it was blood, sweat, tears, screams, and tantrums!). She's a juggle queen who despite all the distractions and challenges manages to stay centred and focused in her ultimate responsibility of raising her children to become self-sufficient adults whilst wiggling out some quality 'me-time'. How does she do that really? Well, it's because she's armed with simple and handy hacks, some of which I'm sharing here with you all coz it’s mommy’s day in a few days – Happy Mother’s Day in advance ladies!

1. Get your kiddo to do his/her own chores

Alright, you must think I'm crazy for expecting the unpredictable, little imps to do their own chores. But remember how our parents got us to do our own work? Well, of course, we knew what could follow if we didn't obey, nonetheless, we learned to do things on our own and also in the process understood the importance of participating in household work. There should obviously some incentive attached to it that will make your child want to do the chores. Something like an allowance or an extra hour of playing time.

2. Easy Clean paint

I can vividly recall the day my daughter held the crayon in her tiny hand for the first time, all bright-eyed and bushy tailed to explore her inner artist. What started with small wiggles and dots soon transformed into full-blown artworks with scuffs, pencil markings scratches, water colour splashes, oh dear Lord and what not! As much as I like to let my daughter have fun with drawing and painting, I love my walls clean and pristine. So what’s the solution for this? Berger Easy Clean, the ultimate hack! Its velvety-smooth appearance packed with Cross-Linking Polymers ensure that seemingly tough and stubborn stains and marks can be removed super easily from the walls! It’s durable, washable, and sustainable (something which I’m very conscious about) and I recommend it to all mommies out there!

3. Washing those soft toys!

No matter how many times a day you organize your kids' toys, they always somehow make their way into the places where you least expect them (I found a LEGO piece in the fridge the other day). But what is even more challenging, is how to get the toys especially soft toys cleaned. Aryaa’s soft furry friends always end up getting soiled and washing them is a Herculean task! However, I found out one simple hack that has been positively easing my work. All you need to do is to gather all those soft toys (avoid dolls and small toys), put them in a mesh bag and toss it in the washing machine! Fresh toys get served up for your kids in less than half an hour!

4. A saviour storage

Not only is this easy but is super time saving, especially when you are expecting guests at home and thanks to your little ones, your house is a mess. Storage containers are truly a boon to us mothers. Whether you have a big one or have them in an assortment of sizes - it's so much easier to dump everything in one place and have your place sorted in one go.

5.  Put those glossy pages into good use

I don't think there's anything in this world, more tiring and tedious than cleaning your mats and carpets! But when you have little hands that are prone to dropping food on the floor, you can't really help it. There's a solution for this - use glossy papers from magazines and newspaper supplements as mats (not the daily newspaper as it's very delicate). This will protect your rugs/carpets/mats from spills and stains.

These simple life hacks will help you keep things in order and in perspective. As you can see, all you need to incorporate a little discipline, structure, and goal setting in your family to lead a life that can be relatively fuss free.

Happy hacking! J

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  1. Wonderful tips. Washable paint on the walls is such a blessing with young kids at home. Love the tips.

  2. The hecks are too good. We have to be smart moms. Love the easy clean paint idea.

  3. Well put article.. And completely agree with most of them ..

  4. Loved the tips you shared. I've had washable paints on my walls for this reason.

  5. Good one ya. Not only are they fun, but very informative for expecting


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