Monday, August 5, 2013

Life in Black & White with some colour...

Haven't there been days when you've wondered how the world would look if everything was in shades of black and white? Where you would see some colours once in a while and it would make your day? :) Like sometimes a red or sometimes a blue or sometimes a green and sometimes God would give us a bonus and show us more than one colour at a time? Just like life is - ups and downs with surprises once in a while! :)

And here's the bonus - more than one colour ;)

Black Peplum Top - Jabong
B&W Striped Pants - Romwe
Fringe Bag - Chicnova
Blue Wedge Heels - Debenhams
Umbrella - Jean Claude Biguine

The peplum trend is in and so is the striped pants or zebra pants or joker pants trend(whatever you want to call it, coz I love it irrespective the name!) thus making me wanna wear it for a coffee date and feel all trendy ;). To top it, the colours matched my mood for the post perfectly. So here I was heading out  in my newest top from Jabong and these lovely striped pants from Romwe. How often does your outfit, fit in perfectly with your thoughts? :) Lucky me! ;)

Photo Credits: Prerna Jambunathan

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  1. Beautiful post. I love the top and the pop of blue colour. Last picture is the best. Overall outfit fantastic.

  2. Love the blue touch of your shoes !

    XX Luba

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  3. love the pics!! amazing shoes! just love the color!!
    check out my latest look:
    Have a lovely week!!

  4. I love the pants..n that umbrella is cute.

    New Post Up

  5. Loving those pop of blue heels and stripes pants haunt me but they look so good on you!

    Loving the complete look !

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  6. Lovely pics and you look great :) B/w with a tinge of colour reminds me of the film Schindlers list...Have you seen that one? And especially the scene where the little girls walks in red amidst all the war...

  7. Awesome pictures and you look great as always :) B/w with a tinge of colour reminds me of the film Schindlers List...have you seen that one? Its a classic...Especially the scene where the little girl walks in red amidst war...

  8. The style really came out well..stripes are so much in and u got that look :)
    Kewl !!!

  9. Hey ,

    Looking very nice in this outfit.
    I just came across your blog and glad i did. I found pleasure to read.

    I work with and am usually very stingy about giving out complements ;)
    Good Job! Congratulations to you on your wonderful blog.
    I will come back often to


  10. You look so stunning in this outfit. The shoes is nice. I also own a pair of shoes like this one and I bought them from metro shoes.

  11. Lovvvve this look of yours! Rocking!! ^_^

  12. Hi =)
    Nice blog, cool to see an indian blog presenting the fashion life of India as well :-)

    Do take a look at my blog as well :

    - Navi Kaur


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